1. Wonderputt Also Try. The Magnetic Cat. Aim: Mouse Putt: Left Click Adventure golf. But with cows, toads, ski slopes, torpedos and a sprinkle of alien abduction for.
  2. In the physics based puzzle game Building Demolisher your goal is to demolish all of the buildings in each of the levels using a maximum amount of wrecking balls.
  3. Sorry, Wonderputt is no longer available: (Why not play one of the games related to Wonderputt instead?

Wonderputt is a miniature golf game. Don't expect basic windmills, castles, and molehills in Wonderputt though, this gold game contains a wild array of holes ranging from cities, Stonehenge, and even the inside of a torpedo! Wonderputt: A game of mini-putt quite possibly like none you've ever played before. Have you got the skill to complete all 18 holes?



Get your golf shirt on and get ready to take to the greens...and reds and yellows and blues! Play 18+ holes on a course that is constantly changing in all sorts of wild ways! I don't think golf can get more creative and exciting than this!



Mouse - Aim

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Left Click - Putt

Wonderputt 2

Wonderputt is an online skill game developed by Damp Gnat Games, and has been played 34146 times on Bubblebox.com.Wonderputt
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Wonderputt 2

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