Weekly Pt And Uniform Day Plans

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MISSION STATEMENT: St. Charles Parish School in Hartland, Wisconsin nourishes and grows a vibrant Catholic community committed to innovation, responsiveness and compassion as it prepares and challenges students in their intellectual, spiritual and moral lives.

Weekly Pt And Uniform Day PlansWeekly Pt And Uniform Day Plans

Weekly Pt And Uniform Day Plans Printable


Weekly Pt And Uniform Day Plans Template


Dear Parents,
We currently have fourteen students quarantining at home due to being considered a close contact after exposure to a positive case outside of St. Charles.
Additionally, we have one staff member and one student who tested positive for COVID-19. Families of students who were considered to be close contacts have been notified and are now in quarantine. This includes six students total.
We are extremely grateful for the tremendous efforts all of our families continue to make to help keep in-person learning going and our students and staff safe. Please keep our St. Charles School community in your prayers!


Shift into the clean uniform of the day. 1630 - Early supper. 1700 - Supper for the crew. 1730 - Secure from supper. 1900 - Duty divisions 'X', 'N' & '3rd' rig for movies. 1930 - Movie call. 2130 - Duty divisions unrig movies. Lights out, maintain silence about the decks. The smoking lamp is out in all berthing spaces. Walking 10,000 steps per day equals 5 miles and 500 calories burned per day. This equates to 3500 calories burned per week, the amount required to lose one pound of body fat. Group PT Guidance. (1) Chapter 3 Provides group exercise guidance. (2) Limit formation runs. Large running groups alter stride lengths, over-training. Here is a busy day schedule I typically do when long days appear: 0600 – Early wake up for get 20-30 minutes of some form of cardio done like running, biking, swimming. If on the road, find a pool in a hotel to really wake up for the day. 0700 – Eat Breakfast for energy for the day. (See Lean Down Food Plan) 0800 – Work.

Following His plan,
Mr. Garvey