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The Westing Game is a classic to me - I love the mysterious nature of the game, and the careful development of the rich and expansive cast of characters. It's obvious that Ellen Raskin was a lover of language and a player with words. What a pleasure to experience her cleverness! Wanted for: Murdering Samuel Westing Description: Sydelle Pulaski has blue eyes and wide hips. At the age of 50, Sydelle Pulaski works as a secretary. She has one crutch and always limps. Quote: 'No one ever notices Sydelle Pulaski. But now they will. Personality Traits: Sydelle Pulaski is a quiet person who lives in Sunset. Her penance was yet to begin' (pg. 153, The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin) TRAITS: An introvert, maybe thinking about why she murdered westing? Always dresses in black, could be mourning her dead ex-husband she murdered? She seems rigid to all but Otis Amber. CLUES: First off, Her daughter died right before her and Westing got married. He loves money, and when he found out that Sam Westing might have stole his idea for the disposable paper diaper, fury took over him and he killed Sam Westing. He only participates in the game for the money, and he is trying to have a glance at other player's clues to try to prove that someone was guilty, not him. Wanted Poster - The Westing Game Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

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