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But if you are still using Dreamweaver CS3, feel lucky to follow easy steps to create a slideshow in Dreamweaver. Move cursor to the place you want to insert a slideshow and select Insert Media Image Viewer. Save the element to the folder of your page (recommended). In the Save Flash Element dialog box, enter a name and click Save. Marcin Migdal's video tutorial on creating an image slideshow from JPG or GIFS with custom attached URLs for each images is here. Find source code and more t.

image slideshow using JavaScript codes, you can do it by creating a new array of links along with the array of images and captions and adding some codes on ‘swap’ function to rotate links with the image and caption rotation in the slideshow. Here you will get step by step guide for creating JavaScript image slideshow with links, you can use these codes on your website or blog to create the attractive slideshows.Table of ContentsUpdated pages interface and slideshow image links free

For some sites, image galleries are an absolute must. Portfolios are the first to come to mind, but galleries are also useful for blogs, e-commerce sites, and really any site that regularly displays multiple images on a single page. Below are 25 fantastic jQuery gallery and slideshow plugins. The slideshow images are large, which makes this template ideal for image-focused websites, such as photography portfolios or e-commerce websites. Each slideshow image ‘drops’ into place vertically, with a little bounce at the end which makes the movement feel very organic and natural.

Creating Slideshow with Links on Images

Let’s start creating image slideshow with links on images using JavaScript. For this, you have to create an array of lists of images. The images listed here will appear on the slideshow one by one. You can write the scripts like the following.

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Now, you have to create a new array for the list of captions. The captions will appear just below the images. You can write the scripts like the following to create a new array of the captions.

Lastly, you have to create a new array for the list of links similar to the array of images and captions. You can write the scripts like the following to create a new array of links.

Now, you have to create the function for swapping images for slideshow. You can write the scripts like the following to create the function for swapping images

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Here is the full source code for creating image slideshow with links on images using JavaScript. You may just copy and paste the code below where you want to place slideshow and change the location of the images.


Following is the image slideshow created using the script given above.

Creating Slideshow with Links on Caption


Similar to the image slideshow created above. You can also create links on captions instead of creating a link on images. Here all of the parts of the code will be the same except some changes on the HTML part. You have to change just the following codes to achieve this.

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