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Horsemen’s Track and Equipment, Inc. serves the industry in a unique capacity.

We advise our clients in the following areas on their track installation:

  • Initial Planning and Site Selection
  • Contractor Selection
  • Construction Supervision
  • Track Plans: Now the fun begins. But first, a quick note about the designs: These layouts were drawn using two types of software—MTH’s Railware software for Realtrax, and Atlas O’s Right Track software. Unfortunately for FasTrack users, Lionel has not yet released track design software for it.
  • Since 1984 I have been responsible for the design, construction and operation of some of the world’s best motor racing circuits and events. As a qualified civil engineer I am able to bring both the knowledge of racetrack design and operation with the ability to make your plans a reality.

With AnyRail you can design your own layout AnyRail™ is probably the easiest-to-use model railway design tool around. It's also entirely independent, so you can build with almost any track. Enjoy designing your layout - AnyRail ensures everything fits.

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When installing a track, we work with the owner to make sure the land meets the suitability standards for the lay of the land as well as the soil composition. These factors are imperative for fill, drainage and locating rocks below ground’s surface. Most of the tracks are a minimum of five to six furlongs and span about 32 rectangular acres.

Weather will typically dictate when constructions begins in a given location. The type of base used will depend on particular characteristics such as climate and land condition. The two major alternatives for dirt tracks are clay or limestone rock of various dimensions. The cushion is then a sandy loam composition.

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The preference in northern areas is to apply a dense grade, stone-based racetrack, since freezing and thawing can make clay expand and contract during winter months. Southern areas typically utilize a clay base. Some facilities are installing artificial or blended surfaces, which often require other types of foundations.

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To ensure adequate compaction, we perform a compaction test as each foot of fill is applied. This quality control ensures even compaction over the fill area.

Most dirt tracks have a minimum of 6″ sub-base, a 6″ base and a 6″ cushion. The type of sand used in the upper layers is also an important details as this not only affects the drainage, but also the cushion for the horses.

The turf and artificial surfaces used today require different base materials. Horsemen’s Track and Equipment, Inc. offers consulting on these track installations as well.

Once a track is completed, we assist in developing a full maintenance guide for the personnel responsible for track maintenance. Initiating these practices along with using the right equipment ensures track longevity and will go a long way toward minimizing horse injuries.

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New Jersey Motorsports Park is a 700-acre world-renowned facility that is located in the most densely populated state in the country. After constructing and opening the automobile and motorcycle hard surface race course that boasts country club amenities, construction of phase two was set in motion. We knew that when we were ready to build the second phase of this first class facility for lightweight off-road vehicles that encompasses both motocross and trail riding, we needed to engage the best track and trail designers and constructors in the country. After interviewing several national track builders we chose MX Track Builders. We couldn’t be happier with our choice. MX Track Builders designed and built a national style mx track that flows naturally and flawlessly thru the landscape, a veteran mx track and a mini mx track that rivals no other all in 3 weeks. They were given free artistic reign and did a fantastic job. Six weeks prior to opening the facility, we promoted a membership drive which enticed hundreds of people to visit and walk the newly constructed tracks; not only did several hundred riders and families sign-up and prepay for memberships, they were wowed by the magnificence of the tracks. MX Track Builders, we thank you for your excellent craftsmanship but most important, the artistic flare that you bestowed upon NJ Field of Dreams – this is a dream that came true!

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Clayton G Keeler
President - NJ Field of Dreams