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  2. The Impossible Quiz. Try to beat the quiz by answering all of the questions. It's as simple as that, or it? The question are far from easy, sometimes require insane logic, others are completely down to guessing. It's hard, but it's NOT impossible! You have 3 lives throughout the quiz. Get an answer incorrect and you'll lose one.
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i like your games, but i wish i wouldve known it was going to show sperm. it wasnt too inapropriate, but i was showing my little brother. i told him not to ask or say anything about that because our parents wouldve gotten mad if they saw something like that in a game. before anyone says, 'why did you show your little brother a T rated game?' or something like that, the others were fine, i didnt think that would happen in this one, and i thought, 'well, its rated T, but he watched saw, a rated R film, and other movies worse than that. if this is rated T they shouldnt show anything bad. probably just crude humor, like always' that was worse though. this game will take the bad rating from one of your other games. i dont like giving many bad scores for things, so instead of two bad scores, just one really bad score and one good score. this is for the thing where you have to break sonics leg, my brothers favorite character, and the one where you pop the pimples on that ugly face in 2. it was a little too gross for me, and i eat food off the floor! the first one was your best work. it was also the most apropriate (even though you break sonics leg). Anyways, im not satisfied, and thats all.

The Impossible Quizclout Games Friv

The Impossible Quizclout Games

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The Impossible Quiz Clout Games Multiplayer

The Impossible Quiz 2 is the second instalment of the crazy online quiz games series by splapp me do. The weird but totally funny quiz game is back with more brain teasing questions. Logic and general knowledge are highly overrated! Think outside the box and try to choose the correct solution for each and every question.