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TamTam tower challengeanother unblocked game site gameTam tower challengeanother unblocked game site game

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Tam tower challengeanother unblocked game site play
[POWDER]Standard powder.
[WATER]Water splash.
[FIRE]Fire spark.
[SEED]Cast seeds to grow trees.
[G-POWDER]Gunpowder. Explosive, keep fire away!
[FAN]Fan. Continuously sends wind.
[ICE]Smashing ice becomes snow.
[S-BALL]Super ball.
[CLONE]Clone tool. Multiply an object by clicking over it.
[F-WORKS]Set off fireworks of the selected dot with the other click.
[OIL]Oil. Flammable liquid.
[C-4]Plastic bomb.
[STONE]Stone. It's heavy but breakable.
[MAGMA]Magma. It burns everything.
[VIRUS]Virus. Transforms dots.
[NITRO]Nitroglycerin. High-sensitivity explosive.
[ANT]Ants. When they touch solids, they create a mysterious path!
[TORCH]Torch burns everything but keep water away.
[GAS]Flammable gas.
[SOAPY]Soapy water makes bubbles!
[METAL]Metal conducts electricity.
[BOMB]Bomb explodes when it touches powder.
[LASER]Laser goes straight. It reflects against the polished metal.
[ACID]Acid melts various things.
[VINE]Vine grows in a tangled mass.
[SALT]Salt becomes sea water when melted.
[GLASS]Glass. Transparent dots.
[BIRD]Birds fly with a flock.
[MERCURY]Mercury. Heavy liquid metal.
[SPARK]Calm fire spark.
[FUSE]Fuse. It gradually burns.
[CLOUD]Rain cloud, snow cloud, and thunder cloud.
[PUMP]Liquid and gas are carried.
* PEN-S adjusts the pen size.
[WIND]Send wind toward the arrow direction.
[AIR]Left click increases pressure while right click decreases it.
[DRAG]Drag various objects.
[BUBBLE]Soap bubbles. Drag as if drawing a circle.
[WHEEL]Gear. * Select [ERASE] to deletes.
[PLAYER]Add a playable Stickman.
←→ - Move
↑ - Jump
↓ - Action
* It changes the attribution when touching powder.
* WASD key for 2P.
[FIGHTER]Fighting Stickman.
[BOX]Box. Throw, blow or rotate it.
[BALL]Ball. It rolls very well.
* The selected dot ball will be added with the other click.
[CREATE]The object that touches is created.
[BLOCK]It blocks wind or dots.
[ERASE]Delete blocks or gears.
* Also it deletes the outer block.
[CLEAR]Delete erasers, dots or wind.
[Copy/Paste]Copy & Paste.
Drag to copy, and click to paste.
[TEXT]Select colors to depict the characters.
font - Change of font
size - size of character
[PEN]Change the drawing style.
free - free line
line - straight line
lock - width & height
paint- Painting out
[PEN-S]Pen size. Adjust the drawing pen size.
[SCALE]Zoom in and out by clicking. Drag to move.
[SPEED]Change speed. * The enter key playbacks frame by frame.
[Start/Stop]Start/Stop the time.
[UPLOAD]Upload. * See below.
[SAVE]Save temporary.
[LOAD]Load temporary.
[MiniMap]Display of thumbnail.
[MENU]Setup menu.
STR - Show name
NUM - Show number of dots
[SIDE]Off screen settings.
OFF - Hide
LOOP - Move opposite
[GRID]Grid line.
[BG]Background effect
non - hide
air - high pressure (green) and low pressure (blue)
line - pressure and streamline (wind)
blur - motion blur
shade - blur filter
aura - aura filter
light - light (additive synthesis)
toon - toon shader
mesh - Draw wind as line
gray - gray scale
track - trajectory filter
dark - dark filter
TG - thermography
siluet - silhouette
[DOT]Maximum number of dots.

Tam Tower Challengeanother Unblocked Game Site Game

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