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About game

Welcome to your new Super Mario Flash, one of the best role-playing online games. The game gives you two familiar characters, Mario and Luigi. If you've ever known Mario games, you'll feel familiar with the missions and challenges in this game. All you need to do is to cross the complex terrain, defeat the enemy by jumping to their heads, and run to the position of the flag safely.

Super mario flash unblockeddefinitely not a game site to play

Super Mario Flash Unblockeddefinitely Not A Game Site To Play

Music and graphics are two elements that impress me because it has a classic image that reminds of childhood memories. Besides, you will encounter familiar enemies, gold coins, green sewers, bricks floating in the air ... Super Mario Flash will surprise you because special maps . It's a moving screen without waiting for your character, a flying Mario, and hidden mini-games...

When starting the game, you have 20 lives. Every time you meet an enemy, you can dodge it and go forward. You can also jump to the enemy's head to kill it. However, you have to be careful because some enemies will not be afraid of your jump and even you will die for this decision. Concentrate whenever you jump on a green sewer because it may be the habitat of a demon tree. The last thing I want to remind you, collect as many gold coins as possible because Mario loves them. Have fun!

Super Mario Flash Unblocked

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How to play

Super Mario Flash Unblockeddefinitely Not A Game Site Game

Use arrow keys to move Mario and Luigi!

Super Mario Flash Unblockeddefinitely Not A Game Site

Tips and tricks

Super Mario Flash Unblockeddefinitely Not A Game Site Free

When you stand on the green sewer, the demon flower in this sewer will not appear.

If you fall into a hole, you lose 1 life.

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