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l'Hydroptère, the previous nautical mile record holder
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Speed sailing records are sanctioned, since 1972, by the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC). Records are measured either by average speed over a specified distance or by total distance traveled during a specified time interval. The three most sought after records are the:

  • 500 metre (or 'outright') record is held by Paul Larsen. On 24 November 2012 he sailed the Vestas Sailrocket 2 at 65.45 knots in Walvis Bay, Namibia.[1]
  • Nautical mile record is held by Paul Larsen. On 18 November 2012 he sailed the Vestas Sailrocket 2 at 55.32 knots in Walvis Bay, Namibia.[2]
  • 24 Hour distance record is held by Pascal Bidégorry. On 1 August 2009 he sailed the Banque Populaire V 908 nautical miles (at 37.84 knots). This was while he was breaking the northern Atlantic record.

500 metre records[edit]

DateCraftSkipperLocationSpeed (knots)Speed (km/h)Speed (mph)Comment
24 November 2012Vestas Sailrocket 2Paul Larsen AUSWalvis Bay, NAM65.45[1]121.175.2First record above 60 knots
18 November 2012Vestas Sailrocket 2Paul Larsen AUSWalvis Bay, NAM59.23[3]109.6968.1
28 October 2010KitesurfRobert Douglas USALüderitz, NAM55.65103.0664.0
28 October 2010KitesurfSebastien Cattelan FRALüderitz, NAM55.49102.7663.814 minutes before Robert Douglas' record. Homologated by the WSSRC.
12 October 2010KitesurfAlexandre Caizergues FRALüderitz, NAM54.10100.1962.3First record above 100 km/h
4 September 2009l'Hydroptère - hydrofoil trimaranAlain Thébault FRAHyères FRA51.3695.1159.1Nautical mile record broken on the same run. An instantaneous maximum speed of 55 knots was recorded.
2008KitesurfAlexandre Caizergues FRALüderitz, NAM50.5793.6558.2
2008KitesurfSebastien Cattelan FRALüderitz, NAM50.2693.0857.8First record above 50 knots
2008KitesurfRobert Douglas USALüderitz, NAM49.8492.3057.4
2008WindsurfAntoine Albeau FRAStes.Maries, FRA49.0990.9156.5
2005WindsurfFinian Maynard IRLStes.Maries, FRA48.7090.1956.0
2004WindsurfFinian Maynard IRLStes.Maries, FRA46.8286.7153.9
1993Yellow Pages Endeavour - proaSimon McKeon AUSSandy Point, AUS46.5286.1553.5
1991WindsurfThierry Bielak FRAStes.Maries, FRA44.6682.7151.4
1990WindsurfPascal Maka FRAStes.Maries, FRA43.0679.7449.5
1988WindsurfErik Beale GBRStes.Maries, FRA40.4874.9646.6First record above 40 knots
1986WindsurfPascal Maka FRASotavento, SP38.8671.9644.7
1980Crossbow II catamaranTim Colman GBRPortland, UK36.0066.6741.4
1977Crossbow II catamaranTim Colman GBRPortland, UK34.4063.7039.6
1977Crossbow II catamaranTim Colman GBRPortland, UK33.8062.5938.9
1975Crossbow II catamaranTim Colman GBRPortland, UK31.8058.8936.6
1975Crossbow proaTim Colman GBRPortland, UK31.1057.5935.8First record above 30 knots
1973Crossbow proaTim Colman GBRPortland, UK29.3054.2633.7
1972Crossbow proaTim Colman GBRPortland, UK26.3048.7030.3First record above 30 mph

Class records[edit]

Last updated: 19 November 2012.

CategoryDateCraftSkipperLocationSpeed (knots)Speed (km/h)
D Class (Over 300 ft²)4 September 2009l'HydroptèreAlain Thébault FRAHyères FRA51.3695.11
C Class (Up to 300 ft² (27.88 m²))2009Macquarie InnovationSimon McKeon AUSSandy Point, AUS50.0792.72
B Class (Up to 235 ft² (21.84 m²))2012Vestas SailrocketPaul Larsen AUSWalvis Bay, NAM65.45[1]121.1
A Class (Up to 150 ft² (13.93 m²))1992LongshotRussel Long USATarifa, SP43.5580.65
10 m² (Up to 10 m²)2015WindsurferAntoine Albeau FRALüderitz, NAM53.2798.66
Kite Sailing2013KitesurferAlex Caizergues FRASalin-de-Giraud, FRA56.62104.86

Nautical mile records[edit]

DateCraftSkipperLocationSpeed (knots)Speed (km/h)
18 November 2012Vestas Sailrocket 2Paul Larsen AUSWalvis Bay, NAM55.32[2]102.45
8 November 2009l'HydroptèreAlain Thébault FRAHyères FRA50.1792.91.[4]
4 September 2009l'HydroptèreAlain Thébault FRAHyères FRA48.7290.23500 metre record broken on the same run.
Oct 2008l'HydroptèreAlain Thébault FRAPort Saint-Louis FRA43.0979.80
April 2007l'HydroptèreAlain Thébault FRABaie de Quiberon FRA41.6977.21
October 2006WindsurferBjorn Dunkerbeck NDWalvis bay, Namibia41.1476.19
October 2005WindsurferFinian Maynard IRLWalvis bay, Namibia39.9774.02
November 2004WindsurferBjorn Dunkerbeck NDPort Saint-Louis FRA34.4463.78
July 2003WindsurferBjorn Dunkerbeck NDAringa, Grand Canaria33.9662.89

Day's run[edit]

A Day's run is the distance traveled by a vessel in one day, normally measured from noon to noon. This was the traditional measure used in the days of packet and clipper ships and varied in the actual time dependent on whether the vessel was sailing east or west. The records certified by the WSSRC since 1994 are based on a 24-hour distance measure irrespective of longitude.

24 hour distance record[edit]

DistanceYachtSkipperCrewDateCompetitionAverage speed
436 nmi (807 km; 502 mi)[5]LightningJames Nolan 'Bully' Forbes1 March 185418.16 knots (33.63 km/h; 20.90 mph)
465 nmi (861 km; 535 mi)Champion of the SeasAlexander Newlands11 December 185419.375 knots (35.883 km/h; 22.296 mph)
512 nmi (948 km; 589 mi)Formule TagMichael Birch198421.33 knots (39.50 km/h; 24.55 mph)
517 nmi (957 km; 595 mi)Fleury Michon VIIIPhilippe Poupon198721.54 knots (39.89 km/h; 24.79 mph)
522.73 nmi (968.10 km; 601.55 mi)Jet Services VSerge Madec199021.85 knots (40.47 km/h; 25.14 mph)
524.63 nmi (971.61 km; 603.73 mi)Lyonnaise des eauxOlivier de Kersauson199421.91 knots (40.58 km/h; 25.21 mph)
540 nmi (1,000 km; 620 mi)PrimagazLaurent Bourgnon (singlehanded)1199422.50 knots (41.67 km/h; 25.89 mph)
547.3 nmi (1,013.6 km; 629.8 mi)ExplorerBruno Peyron199422.80 knots (42.23 km/h; 26.24 mph)
590.23 nmi (1,093.11 km; 679.22 mi)PlayStationSteve Fossett199924.59 knots (45.54 km/h; 28.30 mph)
625.7 nmi (1,158.8 km; 720.0 mi)Club MedBruno Peyron & Grant Dalton1411 November 200026.07 knots (48.28 km/h; 30.00 mph)
629.5 nmi (1,165.8 km; 724.4 mi)Innovation ExplorerLoick Peyron132001The Race26.23 knots (48.58 km/h; 30.18 mph)
655.2 nmi (1,213.4 km; 754.0 mi)Club MedGrant Dalton200127.30 knots (50.56 km/h; 31.42 mph)
687.17 nmi (1,272.64 km; 790.78 mi)PlayStationSteve Fossett200128.63 knots (53.02 km/h; 32.95 mph)
694.78 nmi (1,286.73 km; 799.54 mi)Maiden IIAdrienne Cahalan, Helena Darvelid & Brian Thompson200228.95 knots (53.62 km/h; 33.32 mph)
706.2 nmi (1,307.9 km; 812.7 mi)Orange IIBruno Peyron200429.43 knots (54.50 km/h; 33.87 mph)
766.8 nmi (1,420.1 km; 882.4 mi)Orange IIBruno Peyron3 July 200631.95 knots (59.17 km/h; 36.77 mph)
794 nmi (1,470 km; 914 mi)Groupama 3Franck Cammas1020 July 200733.08 knots (61.26 km/h; 38.07 mph)
907.9 nmi (1,681.4 km; 1,044.8 mi)[6]Banque Populaire VPascal Bidégorry11August 200937.83 knots (70.06 km/h; 43.53 mph)

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Note that the nineteenth century records are not strictly compatible as they measure a 'Day's run' which was measured noon to noon regardless of longitude. The two entries above were both eastbound and therefore less than 24 hours.

Notable performances[edit]

During her Jules-Verne trophy record in 2011-2012, the Banque Populaire V skippered by Loïck Peyron covered 811.70 nautical miles in 24 hours on 3 December 2011 at 11:45 UT, posting 28 days over 600 miles, including 9 days over 700 miles and 1 day over 800 miles.[7]

During her Jules-Verne trophy record in 2009-2010, the trimaran Groupama 3 skippered by Franck Cammas covered 798 nautical miles in 24 hours on 13 February 2010 at 5 p.m. UT, showing 17 days over 600 miles, including 10 days over 700 miles.

During her Jules-Verne trophy record in 2016-2017, the trimaran Idec sport in the hands of Francis Joyon covered 894 nautical miles in 24 hours, and 10 consecutive days at 809 miles / 24 h. Francis Joyon rounds Cape Horn, 16 days after riding off of South America, and after a course of nearly 12,000 miles above an average of 30 knots (730.16 miles / 24 h over 16 days). He then signs a performance increase of between 30 and 40% compared to the record to be broken by Loïck Peyron 5 years earlier. Leaving the southern seas with a lead of 4 j 06 h 35 min over Loïck Peyron's previous record, Francis Joyon and his crew regained the equivalent of 2,800 miles on the record during this episode.

During the aborted attempt of 2019, Yann Guichard sets a new record crossing the equator in 4 days 19 h 57 min and, thanks to favorable weather conditions, lines up 4,812.1 miles from the 11th to 16th day, or 802 miles / day for 6 consecutive days.

24 hour distance record for Armel Le Cléac'h on Banque Populaire VII: 682,85 miles in 24 hours singlehanded on 2014 January 26th (28,45 knots).[8]


During his record around the world Singlehanded in 2017, 24 hour distance record for François Gabart on Macif: 850,68 miles in 24h.[9]

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During his attempt for the Jules Verne Trophy, December 5th of 2020, Thomas Coville on Sodebo Ultim 3 covered 889.9 miles in 24 hours (37.1 knots average).[10]

Instantaneous speed record[edit]

The idea of an instantaneous speed record is not officially sanctioned by the WSSRC and is, therefore, not officially measured or documented. The highest speed ever reported is from the crew of Vestas Sailrocket 2 : on 24 November 2012 they recorded a top speed of 68.33 knots in a 25–29-knot wind.[11]

Previously, the highest speed ever reported was from the crew of l'Hydroptère. During an attempt on 21 December 2008 at Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, they recorded a top speed of approximately 61 knots (speed not verified or registered on any onboard instrumentation) during a 45 knot gust of wind. This heavy gust of wind overpowered the sailboat, causing it to capsize at high speed. The crew sustained only minor injuries.[12]

'Sovereign of the Seas', 1852, 258 ft, the fastest and longest ship yet built when she was launched in New York, designed and built by Donald Mackay, America's foremost clipper designer. On her maiden voyage, she sailed New York to San Francisco in 103 days. This ship achieved the fastest ever recorded speed of a sailing vessel (22 knots)..


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  • records on 500m on the World Sailing Speed Record Council site
  • records on 1 nautical mile on the World Sailing Speed Record Council site

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