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In animals with a backbone, including human beings, the skull forms the hard part of the head. It surrounds and protects the brain. The skull is a part of the body’s skeletal system.

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The skull is made up of several bones that are joined together like a jigsaw puzzle. Many of the other bones of the body meet at movable joints. The bones of the skull, however, meet at joints that do not move. (The lower jaw, which does move, is not really a part of the skull.)

Skull Kid Ocarina Of Time

Play now The Skull Kid online on Have fun playing The Skull Kid One of the best Action Game on Skull Kids are a race featured in the Legend of Zelda series. They are a race of diminutive, mischievous beings that reside in forests. Skull Kids dislike adults and attack them on sight. During the events involving the Ocarina of Time, Link must visit the Lost Woods to talk to Saria and eventually cleanse the Forest Temple. During his trip through the Lost Woods, he encounters a Skull Kid. In appearance, a skull kid resembles a thin scarecrow that stands a little under 4 feet tall. Indeed, its limbs, body, and even head appear to be comprised of animate straw, clay, or other common materials. Just like any living creature, removing or damaging these materials would cause the kid pain and injury. The Skull Kid Description To say this game is about mindless office rage is an understatement. It's an exercise in the kind of office romp that one can only perform with chainsaws, guns or whatever other weapons happen to fall in your hand. In the first stage of the game, you carry a chainsaw that can slice through anything and anyone.


The cranium is the part of the skull that covers the brain. The human cranium is noticeably larger than the part of the skull that makes up the face. In most other animals the opposite is true—the face is larger than the cranium.

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Openings in the skull let air move through the nose. Other openings form eye sockets that support and protect the eyes. The spinal cord, which is the body’s main nerve, enters the skull through an opening at its bottom. Nerves from the eyes, the nose, the ears, and the tongue pass through smaller openings on their way to the brain.

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The skull rests on the atlas, which is the topmost vertebra, or bone, of the spine. This allows the skull to nod up and down. The atlas can turn on the vertebra directly beneath it. This allows the skull to turn from side to side.