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Robot unicorn attack gaming potatoes skins

Welcome to Gaming Potatoes!!! Sorry for the Long Update. I told You lots of Games will be Coming! I am going to update this as fast as I can, I'm reading your comments, and Responding to them! Gaming Potatoes is a site made in Galveston TX, to help support potatoes while giving quality gaming AT THE SAME TIME!!!! Robot Unicorn Attack. Quite possibly the most addicting and fabulous game ever!


In this game, you will start a timer with a random countdown of a number of seconds. When the timer is off, the game is over and whoever is holding the potato has lost!Watch the tutorial on the MakeCode YouTube channel.

Step 1

Add an event to run code when input:button A is pressed .

Step 2

Make a variables:timer variable and variables:set it toa math:random value between 5 and 15.

The value of variables:timer represents the number of seconds left before someone is caught holding the potato.

Step 3

Add code to basic:show that the game started.

Step 4

Put in a loop to repeat code loops:while variables:timer logic:is positive . When timer is negative, the game is over.

Step 5

Inside the loops:while loop, add code to variables:decrease the timer basic:every second .

Step 5

After the loops:while loop is done, add code to basic:show that the game is over.

Step 6

Download your code to your micro:bit, tape it to a potato and play the game with your friends!

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Robot Unicorn Attack Gaming Potatoes Chips

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Robot Unicorn Attack Gaming Potatoes Recipe

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