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The Virtual Classroom

Millions of students are returning to a virtual classroom this school year, creating no small challenge when it comes to technology tools.

Here are some valuable strategies to consider as you move forward with remote training, along with some of the ways that TurningPoint can help. You can also check out this video for a short overview of TurningPoint’s remote learning capabilities. Tech is the perfect teaching assistant Advertisement For teachers to get the best out of remote learning, they must be afforded the space to teach rather than spend lesson time on managing content students have access to, updating software, security concerns or device maintenance. Technical support also needs to be provided throughout the district and not be the responsibility of the teacher, who will have enough to keep up with in the remote learning environment. Clear information describing steps for troubleshooting and contact information for additional technical support should be easily available for everyone.

Remote Learningbe Tech Help

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A successful remote learning environment still needs the right equipment--including a Chromebook or laptop, a Wi-Fi router and a Wi-Fi extender that are up to the task. Other tech tools can also be helpful, including headphones, a monitor, a printer and parental control software.

Remote Learningbe Tech Helper

To help equip your student for success, we’ve rounded up 15 of the top technology tools to consider for remote learning in 2020.