Recent Outage

  • Click on the map below to see any active outages
  • If your outage does not show on the map, please call us at (800)562-5612
  • You can also find outage info on Facebook and Twitter
  • See: Outage and Disaster Preparedness below
  • In case of an emergency call 911

T-mobile Recent Outages

Recent Outage

Please navigate to the active WebMap application by clicking on the image or title above, don’t forget to bookmark for future reference! If you are experiencing an outage not seen after navigating to the active WebMap application, please call.

Outage Center loading. Report an outage by calling 888-835-4672 or texting OUT to GMPVT (46788).

  1. Safety If you are currently experiencing an electrical emergency or outage, please call 800.696.1000.
  2. Report an outage: Call 206-684-7400 to report an outage or check the status of an outage at your business or home. You will need either the account number for the location, or a phone number listed in association with the account.

Recent Outlook

  • For more information on creating an emergency plan, please visit:
    • FEMA: Emergency Supply List (PDF)
    • Lewis County: