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All Pro Tools users, even the reluctant, cynical and disgruntled, will have felt a little of the excitement shown in the early PT11 promo films when the big news finally came.
We wonder if the grown men in that video, grinning like idiots, high-fiving and punching the air were not so much reacting to the stunningness and innovation in what they were seeing, but more out of relief that the only DAW you can really use for high-end audio work had finally come through with what they actually needed.
For example: offline bouncing (pause for a quick chorus of Hallelujah!). Don't get us wrong, this writer is a long-time user and a fan, and we recommend PT11 unreservedly, but before we get into the mouthwatering details of all the good stuff it's worth noting why some of us may be a little reluctant to dive right in...
No one ever said it was going to be easy... '[Until now] the burning question was not 'shall we upgrade?' but rather 'can we upgrade?'
Once upon a time Pro Tools 5 had its own hardware and was the go-to software/hardware combo for serious digital recording. It never crashed, and behaved like a multitrack tape recorder in terms of input monitoring latency at a time when computer hardware was at the frustrating beginnings of its exponential evolution. Since then, to cut a long story short, it's been a bumpy, complicated and often costly ride for loyal customers, and the burning question is not 'shall we upgrade?' but rather 'can we upgrade?'.
If you're in certain parts of the industry it's vital you can go back to old work, so it was hard enough losing certain TDM plug-ins if you wanted to move over to a Native version of Pro Tools a while back. Now we're losing a load of hardware support and moving over to the new AAX plugs, and with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of these it's a little confusing.

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Figuring out the cost is tricky too; weighing up the pros and cons of upgrades/crossgrades/software amnesties and hardware exchanges can take literally days, hundreds of diagrams and the permanent loss of vital brain cells! So, heated arguments about Avid's business models aside, let's assume we're going to make the leap. What lies ahead?
Run 10 and 11 in parallel

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Avid has understood the need to manage this transition. It's going to be a while before all your favourite toys are available as 64-bit AAX, so you can run PT10.3.6 and PT11.0.1 side by side on the same machine. Installing v11 will NOT overwrite v10.

Pro Tools 11 Crack

Installing the v10 upgrade keeps everything where it is. Installing v11 is done by dragging the icon into the App folder alias. So v10 remains where it always was, and v11 lives at the top level of your Apps folder. Once you've installed the v11 HD drivers you're good to go.
Your 'pre 11' RTAS, TDM and 32-bit AAX plugs are loaded from the Digidesign and Avid folders respectively, and apart from the odd request from PT11 to move unsuitable 32-bit AAX plugs into the unused folder, all runs very well.