Potty Racers 3

Potty Racers 3 is here to take you to the skies once again as you ride the signature vehicle of the series, a potty. Introducing new features to the popular series like upgrades and power-ups, nothing can stand in your way as you embrace the skies. Get ready and start pushing your potty down the hill to glide in the air, just like old times. Potty Races 3 Description: Potty Racers 3 - in the event that you have played the past portion in the arrangement, the control plan of this game ought to be easy for you to get. Generally, you will control your Potty Racer utilizing your bolt keys.


Play all Potty Racers games for FREE :] If you enjoyed the last three editions of the Potty Racers series, you are going to love this game! Packed with features, difficult challenges, and a ton of upgrades, the developers have really outdone themselves!

Your objective is to make an amazing “flying plane”; one that will make it from New York to the finish line on the other side of the world! Collect all of the stars along the way to earn amazing rewards, cash, and fame!

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Potty Racers 3 is here to take you to the skies once again as you ride the signature vehicle of the series, a potty. Introducing new features to the popular series like upgrades and power-ups, nothing can stand in your way as you embrace the skies. Get ready and start pushing your potty down the hill to glide in the air, just like old times.

The controls of this game are rather basic, and are very similar to the controls of previous Potty Racers games.

  • A or left arrow button – press to balance your “flying toilet”.
  • D or right arrow button – press to accelerate prior to launch, and to help balance the plane while in the air
  • Space bar – uses gas to help propel you through the air, and fly further
  • Number keys – perform stunts

You begin your quest in New York, with a very unstable toilet. This toilet has nothing special, features only the most basic wheels known to man. After completing a few rounds, you will earn enough money to upgrade your wheels, or purchase new equipment for your potty, to make it into a mean, stinky flying machine. Upgrade your toilet parts as often as you can to gain distance and height.

Pay close attention to the odometer-like section of the screen on each round. Your odometer will tell you how fast you’re going, how many stars you have, the number of poo orbs you currently have, and how much gas you have in your gas tank. All of these meters are very important to a successful flight.


Your speedometer will tell you how fast you are going. For best results, send the speedometer to the max, making it turn red, before launching into the air. This will help give you the most height, allowing you to stay airborne longer. Once you land, the round is over.

Stars, Orbs, and Gas

Collect stars throughout each round. Collect as many as you can to achieve the ultimate goal: making it to the finish line on the other side of the world.

Collecting poo orbs will allow you to perform stunts. Collect as many poo orbs as you possibly can throughout each round to perform as many stunts as possible. Stunts add to your overall score.

Gas tanks add a small amount of gas to your tank as you fly through the air. Gas allows you to stay airborne as long as possible. Try to collect as many gas tanks as you can throughout each round to remain in the air as long as possible.

All of these items, as well as coins, can be collected throughout each round. They float throughout the air, just waiting for you to snag them. Go get them!


The scoreboard is broken into two sections: Coins and Score. Listed in the Coins column, you can see how many coins you have collected, any bonuses achieved, and your total coins earned. This section includes: Gold Coins collected, Landmark Bonus, and Successful Landing Bonus. The total of all three of these results in your overall amount of coins earned.

The score is tallied according to three key points: gold score, landmark score, and trick score. Performing tricks, reaching landmarks, as well as collecting coins all aid in increasing your total score for each round.

Also on this screen, you can see a line graph regarding your distance and height. This will help you plan your next rounds moves and tactics and determine which plane parts you should upgrade to reach the next level.

Hacks and Walkthroughs

For anyone that chooses live on the dark side – there are hacks available all over the internet which can help make playing the game and upgrading your parts and tricks easier.

In addition, for anyone that enjoys playing by the rules, and prefers not to use a hack or cheat code, if you get stuck, there are many walkthrough videos available on YouTube to help you learn how to improve your skills. You can also read this article on our website if you just starting out. You can find some really good tips there, including useful videos.

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