Phn Mm Diner Dash 5: Boom For Mac

  1. Integrated USB Audio: Strategize in clear digital audio. Separate headphone and mic jacks and mute buttons let you use any analog headset with 3.5 mm plugs as a USB audio device. 18 Programmable G-keys: Three mode states for each G-Key let you record up to 54 single key presses or complex macros per game.
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Diner Dash 2 is a fast paced puzzle game that follows the same theme and style as the original offering. The game promises to be just as much fun as the original but with plenty of fresh challenges to complete. Hungry Mouths to Feed. The basic concept of Diner Dash 2 is pretty simple, which makes it easy for players to get into the game.

Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510
From Logitech

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Product Description

The logitech gaming keyboard g510 gives you the tools and intel you need to win, putting you control of the game with a gamepanel lcd, custom backlighting*, and integrated usb audio. * requires software installation.

Product Details

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Logitech
  • Model: 920-002530
  • ESRB Rating: Rating Pending
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: DVD-ROM
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 20.99' h x 3.37' w x 9.94' l, 3.57 pounds


  • GamePanel LCD: Access in-game stats, VoIP data media player information and more?without leaving the game
  • Custom-color backlighting: Personalize backlighting in a variety of backlit colors to match the rest of your gear, and easily locate keys in the dark*
  • Integrated USB Audio: Strategize in clear digital audio. Separate headphone and mic jacks and mute buttons let you use any analog headset with 3.5 mm plugs as a USB audio device.
  • 18 Programmable G-keys: Three mode states for each G-Key let you record up to 54 single key presses or complex macros per game*
  • Full-speed USB: Execute commands without delay with speeds four times faster than standard USB keyboards(* Requires software installation)

Editorial Reviews

BoomFrom the Manufacturer
Gaming Keyboard G510Noteworthy Features
Easy-to-read LCD display provides real-time game information
Customizable backlit key colors
Headset jacks for crystal-clear USB audio
18 fully programmable G-keys execute up to 54 functions per game
Full-speed USB for lag-free execution of commands
EnlargeLogitech Gaming Keyboard G510The tools and intel you need to winYou'll be well armed for battle with this powerful keyboard for hardcore gamers. Get the real-time information and customizable control you need to step up your gaming speed, accuracy and victories. Download a spec sheet
GamePanel LCD for instant intelAccess vital in-game stats, system performance, VOIP communication data, media player information and more—without leaving the game.
Custom-color backlighting
  • Personalize keyboard lighting to match your setup
  • Choose from a wide array of character backlighting colors, including white
  • Just the right brightness to easily locate keys in the dark
  • Headset-ready USB audio
  • Separate headphone and mic jacks and mute buttons let you strategize with teammates in clear digital sound
  • Use any analog headset with 3.5 mm plugs
  • Enlarge
    18 programmable G-keys
  • Configure up to 54 unique functions per game
  • Program single keystrokes or intricate macros
  • Record new macros on the fly without exiting the game
  • Full-speed USB with multi-key input
  • 500Hz (2 millisecond) report rate means your commands are executed without delay
  • Press multiple keys at once to perform complex actions without worrying that keystrokes are being ignored, delayed or blocked by other keys
  • Enlarge
    Game/desktop mode prevents interruptionsDisable the Windows/Context Menu keys with a flip of a switch and you'll never accidently interrupt your game


    What's in the box?
  • Keyboard
  • Palm rest
  • Software CD
  • User documentation
  • 1-year limited hardware warranty
  • Works with
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • Available high-speed USB 2.0 port
  • 20 MB of available hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • GamePanel LCD requires software that supports Logitech GamePanel technology. Visit
  • GamePanel LCD, custom backlighting, and G-key programming require software installation.

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    Which Logitech Gaming Keyboard Is Right For You?
    Gaming Keyboard G110G13 Advanced GameboardGaming Keyboard G510G19 Keyboard for Gaming
    What Do You Get?Fully programmable controlPortable and customizable controlGame-changing control, customization and audio clarityA complete arsenal of advanced gaming technology
    Keyboard Design
    Backlit keys with customizable colors
    GamePanel LCD for instant game intelMonochromeMonochromeColor
    Integrated USB audio for headsets
    USB Hub PortsOne USB 2.0 portTwo powered USB 2.0 ports
    Palm RestDetachableIntegrated cushionDetachableDetachable
    Navigation Features
    Programmable G-keys122518 12
    Onboard memory/storesprofiles
    Quick media controls
    On-the-fly macro recording
    System Support
    Windows XP, Vista or 7 and Mac OS X

    Check out the G-SERIES from Logitech:

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    Phn Mm Diner Dash 5: Boom For Mac

    Customer Reviews

    A great refresh of a great keyboardLogitech is on a roll with their new keyboards. They've created an interesting and (usually) easy to follow line of keyboards that range from being perfectly competent (G110) to being absolutely wonderful (G19, G13). Sitting in the middle at one point was the G15. The G15 had very similar features to the G110 (which was a refresh of the G11). It came with an LCD screen where the G110 had none. The only one up the G110 had was in the programmable key department. On the side of all of the G series keyboards is a row of G-keys, which allowed you to do a variety of things, like program specific key strokes or even develop macros. All of these functions are controlled by software, that allows you to sync specific G-keys to specific games. This allows you to load a game, and have a specific key set for that particular game.The original G15 apparently had 18 G-keys. When they redid the G series keyboards, they reduced that number to six programmable buttons (this is the previous model and the one I used). The new refresh (G510) ups the G-keys back to 18 (with the M buttons, this provides you with 54 unique functions per game). This allows games to have a vast combination of keys to choose from and even trumps the G19, the 'top of the line keyboard' in terms of numbers. That is, until the inevitable G19 refresh. The G510 has an monochromatic LCD screen that has a couple of really cool widgets available. It works seamlessly with Ventrilo, so if you're in the middle of a game and you're playing with new people, you can see who's talking, comments people leave, etc. It works very well. I use it all the time with the G19. Other games offers specific widgets. I've seen this mostly with Lord of the Rings Online, where you can see your stats on the screen. It also has other non-gaming uses, such as media displays. You can see the song track/artist of music you're playing, for instance. It can also be used as a clock, a POP3 Monitor or as a RSS feed. These are all features that carry over from the G15 and are a step up from the G110 which lacks the LCD screen. This is also a step down from the G19 which offers the same functionality, but in color. The G19 will allow you to watch videos on the screen, but the small screen doesn't necessarily make it conducive to video watching on a regular basis.Otherwise, the keyboard operates like you'd expect. It has backlights that allows you to use a multitude of colors to light your keys. It has both integrated USB for audio for a headset and also separate audio/mic jacks with the option to mute it. One nice feature is a slider that allows you to switch between gaming and Windows, which makes it so you accidently do something to minimize your game. It does lack the USB hub options of the G19, though. Overall, the G510 is a great refresh of an already capable keyboard. For those who have the G15 and are thinking about upgrading, I don't think I'd necessarily do it (or maybe look at the G19, which I will continue to use). But for those new to the Logitech G series keyboards, this is a great intermediate keyboard that offers most of the functionality of the G19 and offers more functionality than their entry level keyboard (G110). No matter which one you go with, I'm really impressed with Logitech's keyboards.Logitech G510

    Phn Mm Diner Dash 5: Boom For Mac Os

    I received my G510 last Thursday (21 Oct 2010). I have a DELL XPS (less than a year old--fully loaded/i7--920 w/12gb RAM) and run windows 7/64bit. The G510 keyboard slows or stops the XPS from bootup if you have the G510 in the startup sequence--which is the default and recommended setting. I explored my problem with Logitech help site (which is aware of the bootup problem since they have issued instructions on how to avoid) and found that I should update by BIOS. I did that. Then I found a review that stated you had to have your G510 disconnected at startup--I tried that but my system wanted the 510 connect in order to continue. Which I did and it then froze. I now have all the LCD menu items (RSS feeds, etc) 'Off' except for the time and stopwatch. It does boot but still struggles with the G510 by turning it on and the off and then back on again. I don't feel comfortable in adjusting BIOS settings by disabling items which may be needed by other programs I run.I like the keyboard as it has an excellent macro interface, good response time, and excellent instructions for programming the g-keys. I want to keep it for these reasons. HOWEVER I may return it to AMAZON if I can't get a smooth startup by this Thursday.DashHigh quality, even in the smallest details!

    Phn Mm Diner Dash 5: Boom For Mac Osx

    The size of the keyboard is what I would call about medium. Not the largest keyboard I have seen, but also not small or flimsy feeling in any way. While the size may be moderate, the power in this board packs a punch. You can feel the solidness in the design. The keys are quite, but have a nice tactile clicky feeling to them when pressing them.The function keys for the LCD screen allow you to scroll thought different status screens, giving you details on RAM and memory usage. You can preset different count down clocks and stop watch counters. There is a time/date clock feature for the LED screen as well with about a dozen customizable features. When listening to music on your computer, the track info is viewable on the screen.In addition to the fully customizable G-keys, there is also a useful Windows game mode key which allows you to turn off the Windows keys on the keyboard to keep you from accidentally pressing them and minimizing or closing out of your game.When the keyboard is plugged in, you can control your computer's music functions from audio buttons and a scroll wheel on the right side of the board. These can be used even when not using the ear phone jack located on the keyboard.The depth that Logitech went to in the key quality also shows. In creating the keys, they started off with clear keys, that they then paint silver, then paint with 2 coats of black paint. They then use a laser to etch the letters/numbers into the keys and then paint it with a clear coat. This process gives nice illumination of light through each of the keys, but prevents paint chipping and any light leakage from the base of them. In a dark room, I tested several different colors and tilted the key board at all kinds of angles and was unable to see any light coming from anywhere that it should not have been. The back-light color options are pretty much unlimited, since you have a the full color spectrum to chose from.With this keyboard communicating with your computer every 2 milliseconds, it makes it about 4 times faster than typical keyboards. It is powered through the connecting USB cable, so no extra power adapter is needed. I find this a great feature since most computer accessories/peripherals do need their own power supply and this is just one less I have to find an outlet for and one less cord to thread through the back of the desk.This keyboard has a lot of function and fun in a nice sized packaged. It's fast, functional and very well made!