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Parking, Parking Games, Games, Free Games, Flash Games, Java games, Free online java games. Add to favorites Make this your homepage Featured Game. Our free online flash game allows you to practice parking a car in tight parking spaces without worrying about scratching your bumper. Experiences one of the web's best driving games for free, only from Drivers Ed Direct.


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Parking Manialoads Of Cool Games

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Driving School Game By Drivers Ed Direct

Learning to drive: an exciting yet nerve racking time for every teen as they approach their 16th birthday. Getting behind the wheel means teens will face many new challenges: making turns, changing lanes, driving on the freeway, and of course, parking. Did you know that parking lot accidents are one of the highest accident types among all driving areas, second only to intersection accidents? Though most parking lot accidents are minor fender benders, the costs they incur can be astronomical, not to mention the frustration that comes when you see your beautiful car with a fresh scratch, dent, or worse.

The Drivers Ed Direct Parking Game is a one of a kind driving game that is both fun and educational. Thousands of students throughout the world have spent thousands of hours trying to navigate our Prius into the tightest of parking spaces. Students love how realistic the game is and have frequently commented how the parking game has directly helped their actual real life parking ability. How can a driving game actually help teens drive well? Simple! Even thought our parking game is just a game, the physics involved in real-world parking are the same. For example, knowing when to start turning your wheel when parallel parking can be better understood from trying to park our virtual Prius. Also, many students gain a better knowledge of how turning the wheel affects the car while reversing - a seemingly simple task for experienced drivers, yet new drivers often struggle with this concept.

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Don't take our word for it, give the game a try and see how long it takes you to complete all four parking levels. You will be graded on both your parking accuracy and how long it takes you to park. We won't tell if you hit another parked car or scrape the curb, you'll just lose a few hundred points. Happy parking!