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Papa’s Hot Doggeria To Go APK 1.1.1 Free Download is yet another Papa’s To Go APK games you can try for new challenges, more fun, and more daily quests! As you know, there are plenty of Papa’s Cooking games download free to play on Android mobile phones, and these games will hone your cooking as well as management skills a lot. Papa’s Hot Doggeria is about cooking and serving stadium snacks; Papas Hot Doggeria, which is where restaurant is located, so, constant flow of hungry and eager customers is guaranteed. Earning tips and winning mini-games is essential to your business, since you want to unlock the premium ingredients as soon as possible. Play the classic game, or mix it up with an all-new action mode: fireballs, blasters, gravity wells, and more! Big Tower Tiny Square Your pineapple is trapped at the top of a huge tower! Jump over pits of lava and dodge dangerous traps to rescue it. Manage Papa’s hot dog stand at the baseball park! Located inside the food court, you will serve customers in between innings. Take orders, grill hot dogs, and add toppings to complete each meal. Help Taylor and Peggy satisfy every patron at the ballpark! Luckily, Papa's Hot Doggeria is here and they have a new employee: you! Get ready to flip hotdogs, fill paper cups with soda, and pop some popcorn! The crowd is cheering, the sun is shining, but the mouthwatering scent of sizzling hotdogs are about to become the star of the game! Show everyone that you are the real VIP of this game day!

  • Take orders from numerous baseball fans;
  • Fry every sausage perfectly;
  • Add the filling and sauces, according to the strict requirements of customers;
  • Add a drink and a special snack to the order;
  • Give out the order and enjoy a great game at the stadium!

Your character is desperately in love with baseball, which captivates millions of fans around the world every year. And when you are going to the stadium to buy season tickets, you find that everything is sold, and now you will not have a chance to visit the games of your favorite team. What can you do, and how to be in this situation? All dreams of watching the games of your favorite team have sunk into oblivion?

It would be so if you did not notice the announcement of the hiring of employees in the restaurant - Papa's Hot Doggeria, which is located right on the best places of the stadium. That's the way out. You cannot just enjoy the excellent quality of the game for free, but also get the opportunity to earn good money. The question remains: how good you are at creating quality hot dogs, and how it will affect your perception of the game.

The first steps in the mastery of cooking everybody’s favorite meal

Managing the affairs of Papa's Hot Doggeria, you will unwittingly understand that your job sucks you no less than the love of the sport. Every new customer brings variety to your menu. All people, as well as their taste preferences, are absolutely unique and each new order has its specific features. You have to learn - how to please everyone and make the best hot dogs not only at the stadium, but throughout the city.


Remember that you have a chance to fully prove yourself with every new customer, who gives you an excellent rating for the provided service. The higher the score of your work, the more visitors will come to you for goodies. The principle of spreading rumors about a new place, where great hot dogs are made, works with great force.

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The only obvious drawback is the large flow of customers. When you learn how to impress people with perfect hot dogs, time to watch the game of favorite team does not remain. But on the other hand, you will get a huge experience in culinary skills and become the best cook in the whole district. Who knows, maybe you will surpass chef Papa Louie, and you will take the place of the most famous maestro in the world?


Have a rest after a hard day's work

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Every working day ends with the count of the results of your work. And the higher the overall rating of your service, the more people you will have to serve the next day. This is the thorny path to worldwide fame and recognition. Do not forget that the higher people evaluate your work and the ability to cook excellent dishes, the more money will be collected in your tips box, and this is not a minor factor for any job.

However, work is work, but you need to be able to have rest. If you persistently ignore the need for rest, you can just break the delicate balance in an ideal career. After each working day, our character can relax on the baseball field, kicking a ball. In addition, you have the opportunity to play a large number of mini-games, solve puzzles and pass interesting quests. At the end of these small interactive activities, you will receive valuable prizes. It can be both money and interesting outfits for your character.

Recipes are getting more complicated

Remember that you will find great responsibility along with popularity. When your restaurant will be visited by a large number of customers, you do not have to choose between high quality dishes and the speed of making the order. You will do everything together and the hot dogs will comply with the big name of the Papa Hot Doggeria.

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But nothing is impossible, and invaluable experience comes with the difficulties and will stay with you for life. Who knows where this long and entertaining adventure at the stadium will lead to? Perhaps at the end of the season, you will realize that you have reached such a level of skill that you go to open your own restaurant, which will take your proud name. Or maybe you are just among the first to buy tickets for the next season. Remember this year as a pleasant and unforgettable working experience that is sure to help you in the future.