New Feature: Customizable Polls

Easy integration: You can easily add your poll on the sidebar with widget or realize your poll in any place with the help of shortcode. Simple, but powerful and customizable poll. Drag and drop is a very common feature. It is when you “grab” an event and drag it to a different location. With Quick Poll, you can create a real time poll in seconds. In the body of your Outlook email, add questions and options for single or multiple answers. Once you send the message, recipients vote directly in email or click on a handy included link and vote in a browser window. You can then instantly check poll results in the voting card. Oreo wants to enable fans to eat their own face. The cookie brand has announced a new platform which will allow customers to customize their own cookies — including ones which bear images of. Export Results and Manage Polls. Create your free account to manage all your polls in one place. This way you can edit existing polls, view and print reports, change options after you've published and download your responses to a spreadsheet. You'll also have access to our free support. Yes in New version Facebook temporarily removed the feature but it will return. Karina January 10, 2021 at 2:17 am - Reply Hi, your instructions don’t work because the option for poll is no longer under the ellipsis dots.

This post will discuss how to create a Survey in SharePoint using out of the box functionality and nothing else! The example we will use is to create a survey that asks employees to answer questions about their previous training in the organisation.

Step 1: Ensure the ‘Team Collaboration Lists’ Features is activated.

As an administrator, navigate to ‘Site Settings’ -> ‘Site Features’. Scroll down the list and ensure that the ‘team collaboration lists’ feature says ‘Active’. If it doesn’t click ‘Activate’. If you aren’t an administrator, you need to find one to get them to activate this feature. (It usually is though on collaboration / team sites).

Step 2 : Create a new Survey list from the ‘create’ menu.

Now that the relevant feature is activated, you should now be able to navigate to the ‘Create’ menu which is accessible from the ‘view all site content’ menu item. Once on the menu select ‘Survey’ list and call the list ‘Training Survey’.

Step 3 : Add questions to your survey

New Feature: Customizable Polls

It’s time to add some questions about the employees training needs, so lets ask away! You can obviously select your own questions and choose the relevant answer type (e.g yes/no, text, number, radio list, etc). My questions were :

  • Have you been trained in SharePoint?
  • Have you received Agile training?
  • Do you know how to raise a Change Request?
  • Do you know how to fill in a risk assessment form?

Step 4 : Configure your survey

As this stage you may be totally happy with the survey and it’s ready to go! however, there may be a few things you want to do from here.

Navigate to the survey settings page and lets deal with permissions and branching logic.

Branching Logic

Branching enables you to do some simple conditional testing of an answer. For example, if you ask “Are you male or female”, based on a “male” answer you can take the them straight to question 3 and skip the “Do you like make-up” question. Although …. 😉


To set-up branching select the question you want to branch from in the ‘Survey settings’ page. From there it’s fairly straight-forward. My example below, illustrates it.

Advanced Settings

One final groups of settings that you may want to make is around who can edit and view the answers when they are input. This can be quite important if you do not want a user who has responded to be able to see all the other users answers. The settings below illustrate this. You may also want to turn of search crawling if you don’t want the answers to appear in search results.

Thats it! All you need to do now is ask your users to fill in the survey and voila!

Want to know how we have improved SharePoint Survey ?

New Feature: Customizable Polls

If you are interested in seeing how our new product, DocSurvey, enhances the SharePoint Survey by offering the following features, please get in touch :

  • Quizzes – with pass marks and scores.
  • Quizzes – configure whether answers, marks are shown.
  • E-Learning – create questions that are information only, ideal for creating an E-Learning Module.
  • Tight Integration with DocRead, so you can send a quiz/survey to any group of users and request that they complete it.
  • Reports – analyse which questions people are struggling on.
  • Reports – A/B testing. (assign 1 quiz to multiple docs and see which is the most effective training method).
  • Assign a Quiz / Survey to a document to gather feedback.
  • Ability to embed video, images and html questions.
  • and many more features.

The new 1000 Series from Focal is the renowned company’s latest innovation, with new in-wall and in-ceiling speakers options, as well as a new subwoofer. With Beryllium tweeters and W cones reminiscent of those in the Focal Utopia range, the speakers are customizable with ready-to-paint grilles. The new wall speakers are built with an adjustable driver and can be paired with one, two, or six subwoofers, and the ceiling speakers feature Focal’s ‘Easy Quick Install’ system.

The in-wall speaker options include the IWLCR Utopia, 1000 IWLCR6, and the 1000 IW6. The new IWLCR Utopia is built with two 3-inch midrange M-profile W drivers in addition to the W bass drivers. All three are built for home cinema integration, with the 1000 IW6 being perfect for smaller rooms.

As for new in-ceiling speaker options, the 1000 ICLCR5, 1000 ICW6, and 1000 ICA6 are all easy to install. The 1000 ICLCR5 is extremely adjustable and recommended for home cinema integration with no back wall.

Last but not least, the 1000 IWSUB Utopia subwoofer features three 6.5-inch W bass drivers.

The Focal 1000 Series will be available this upcoming February. The 1000 IWLCR Utopia retails for $7,499, the 1000 IWLCR6 retails for $2,699, the 1000 IW6 retails for $1,799, the 1000 IWSUB Utopia retails for $2,799, the 1000 ICLCR5 retails for $2,199, the 1000 ICW6 retails for $1,099, and the 1000 ICA6 retails for $1,099.

Additional Resources
• Visit the Focal website for additional details and product specs
• Read more about a different Focal series recently released
• Check out our review of the Focal Chora 808 Bookshelf speaker, and make sure to visit our In-wall and Architectural Speaker Reviews page for similar products

Keep reading for more from Focal:

French audio master, Focal, is delighted to present its 1000 Series – a game-changing range of in-wall and in-ceiling speaker and subwoofer options with unrivalled levels of performance and install flexibility. Three years in development, this new flagship range embodies the essence and savoir-faire of Focal: innovative speaker science, exclusive technology implementation, and exquisite French design and manufacturing. Made in France in Focal’s specialist workshops, the 1000 Series offers the ultimate discreet alternative to traditional hi-fi and home cinema set-ups, with no performance compromise. Each speaker is an innovative, flexible design – with both the installer and end customer in mind.


    • Raises integrated speakers to new performance levels, through use of flagship speaker technologies – including Beryllium tweeters; ‘W’ cones – as featured on Focal Utopia home speaker range.
    • Allows for seamless sonic combination of Focal’s traditional and integrated speakers.
    • Flexible design: Wall speakers feature adjustable driver - angle them in any direction towards the optimum listening position.
    • Simple to fit: Ceiling speakers use Focal’s patented ‘Easy Quick Install’ system, for tool-free integration.
    • Scalable subwoofer integration: Wall speakers can be paired with 1, 2, 4 or 6 subwoofers (while using only one channel of amplification), to match the room size and SPL levels desired. Speakon cables provided for simpler speaker/sub connectivity.
    • Magnetic, ready-to-paint speaker grilles for the perfect visual integration in every room.
    • Suitable for the majority of locations: In-wall speakers offer superlative performance despite being less than 10cm deep. For even greater flexibility, optional on-wall frames will be available soon.
    • Premium in-ceiling speaker models use the same form factors as popular Focal 300 Series, allowing for easy install upgrades.


1000 IWLCR Utopia

Exceptional in-wall speaker with Utopia technology. Features Focal’s flagship Beryllium tweeter, four 6.5-inch W bass drivers and two 3-inch midrange “M” profile W drivers. Adjustable (+/- 15 °) to suit optimum listening position. Pair with up to six 1000 IWSUB Utopia subwoofers for ultimate integrated home cinema experience. US pricing $7,499.

1000 IWSUB Utopia

In-wall closed subwoofer with Utopia technology. This two-part design – each featuring three 6.5-inch W bass drivers - is capable of reproducing incredible levels of powered and controlled bass. Easy to fit and scale to suit even the largest installs. US pricing $2,799.

New Feature: Customizable Polls Against

1000 IWLCR6

Premium three-way in-wall speaker for high-end home cinema performance. Perfect for Left, Right, Centre or surround channel, the mids/tweeter section can tilt (+/-15°) to target the listening position. It can also be rotated 90° and used as a dedicated center-channel speaker. US pricing $2,699.

1000 IW6

Premium two-way in-wall speaker for home cinema. Ideal for front or surround effects in smaller rooms. US pricing $1,799.

1000 ICLCR5

Premium three-way angled in-ceiling speaker (56° for tweeter and midrange) - ideal for home cinema installations with no back wall. Mids/tweeter section is adjustable to target the listening position (+/-30°). Easy Quick Install technology for tool-free installation. Same form factor as Focal 300 Series, making upgrades easier. US pricing $2,199.

1000 ICW6

Premium in-ceiling speaker offering immense musicality and power. Easy Quick Install technology for tool-free installation. Same form factor as Focal 300 Series, making upgrades easier. US pricing $1,099.

New Feature: Customizable Polls

New Feature: Customizable Polls 2020

1000 ICA6

In-ceiling speaker with 35° angle for maximum sound positioning and adjustment. Easy Quick Install technology for tool-free installation. US pricing $1,099.


The Focal 1000 Series will be available in the US by the end of February 2021. For more information visit here,

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