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Open Msg Files 64 bit download - page 6 - X 64-bit Download - x64-bit download - freeware, shareware and software downloads. Viewing older email messages. The emails I have recived older than one month has disappeared. Does anyone know how I can configure outlook to show all the emails I have received.

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Right-click any file that has an.msg file name extension, point to Open With, and then click Choose another app. In the How do you want to open this file? Dialog box, select Outlook (desktop) under the Other Options section. Click to enable the Always use this app to open.msg files option, and then click OK. Hope this helps.

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Outlook add-ins are integrations built by third parties into Outlook by using our web-based platform. Outlook add-ins have three key aspects:

  • The same add-in and business logic works across desktop (Outlook on Windows and Mac), web (Microsoft 365 and, and mobile.
  • Outlook add-ins consist of a manifest, which describes how the add-in integrates into Outlook (for example, a button or a task pane), and JavaScript/HTML code, which makes up the UI and business logic of the add-in.
  • Outlook add-ins can be acquired from AppSource or sideloaded by end-users or administrators.

Outlook add-ins are different from COM or VSTO add-ins, which are older integrations specific to Outlook running on Windows. Unlike COM add-ins, Outlook add-ins don't have any code physically installed on the user's device or Outlook client. For an Outlook add-in, Outlook reads the manifest and hooks up the specified controls in the UI, and then loads the JavaScript and HTML. The web components all run in the context of a browser in a sandbox.

The Outlook items that support add-ins include email messages, meeting requests, responses and cancellations, and appointments. Each Outlook add-in defines the context in which it is available, including the types of items and if the user is reading or composing an item.


If you plan to publish your add-in to AppSource and make it available within the Office experience, make sure that you conform to the Commercial marketplace certification policies. For example, to pass validation, your add-in must work across all platforms that support the methods that you define (for more information, see section 1120.3 and the Office Add-in application and availability page).

Extension points

Extension points are the ways that add-ins integrate with Outlook. The following are the ways this can be done:

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  • Add-ins can declare buttons that appear in command surfaces across messages and appointments. For more information, see Add-in commands for Outlook.

    An add-in with command buttons on the ribbon

  • Add-ins can link off regular expression matches or detected entities in messages and appointments. For more information, see Contextual Outlook add-ins.

    A contextual add-in for a highlighted entity (an address)

Mailbox items available to add-ins

Outlook add-ins activate when the user is composing or reading a message or appointment, but not other item types. However, add-ins are not activated if the current message item, in a compose or read form, is one of the following:

  • Protected by Information Rights Management (IRM) or encrypted in other ways for protection. A digitally signed message is an example since digital signing relies on one of these mechanisms.


    • Add-ins activate on digitally signed messages in Outlook associated with a Microsoft 365 subscription. On Windows, this support was introduced with build 8711.1000.

    • Starting with Outlook build 13229.10000 on Windows, add-ins can now activate on items protected by IRM. For more information about this feature in preview, see Add-in activation on items protected by Information Rights Management (IRM).

  • A delivery report or notification that has the message class IPM.Report.*, including delivery and Non-Delivery Report (NDR) reports, and read, non-read, and delay notifications.

  • A draft (does not have a sender assigned to it), or in the Outlook Drafts folder.

  • A .msg or .eml file which is an attachment to another message.

  • A .msg or .eml file opened from the file system.

  • In a shared mailbox, in another user's mailbox, in an archive mailbox, or in a public folder.

  • Using a custom form.

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In general, Outlook can activate add-ins in read form for items in the Sent Items folder, with the exception of add-ins that activate based on string matches of well-known entities. For more information about the reasons behind this, see 'Support for well-known entities' in Match strings in an Outlook item as well-known entities.

Supported clients

Outlook add-ins are supported in Outlook 2013 or later on Windows, Outlook 2016 or later on Mac, Outlook on the web for Exchange 2013 on-premises and later versions, Outlook on iOS, Outlook on Android, and Outlook on the web and Not all of the newest features are supported in all clients at the same time. Please refer to articles and API references for those features to see which applications they may or may not be supported in.

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Get started building Outlook add-ins

To get started building Outlook add-ins, try the following.

  • Quick start - Build a simple task pane.
  • Tutorial - Learn how to create an add-in that inserts GitHub gists into a new message.

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