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T.1 Cell Biology
T.6 Human Physiology
Additional Higher Level(Not yet available)
T.8 Metabolism, Cell Respiration & Photosynthesis
T.10 Genetics & Evolution

Vocabulary Survey:Year 1Year 2

'Study Tips' by ASAP Science (3:25)

A general overview of the newly modified AISB Grading Policy outlining the differences between Academic Practice, Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment.

A general overview of our course with contact information, a basic timeline and grading information.
Standard Level
> Syllabus Y1
> Syllabus Y2
Higher Level
> Syllabus Y1
> Syllabus Y2
A day-to-day breakdown of what we'll examine throughout the course (including readings).
Standard Level
> Y1_S1
> Y2_S1
Higher Level
> Y1_S2
> Y2_S2
Homework Updates:
Homework (A) - Check here on a daily basis (Not yet available).
Homework (D) - Check here on a daily basis (Not yet available).
Subject Guide - The entire course, direct from IB HQ.
Command Terms - Indicates how to answer questions.
Bioknowledgy Command Terms - Prepared by Chris Paine.
i-Biology Command Terms - Prepared by Stephen Taylor.
Draw the Core - Prepared by Stephen Taylor. DIAGRAM TIPS
Assessment Criteria - Rubrics and tips for how to score well.
Animal Experimentation Policy - Rules for animal experimentation.
Individual Investigation Sample Papers - Exemplars from the IB.
IA Checklist - Reminders for preparing most lab reports but especially important when preparing the Internal Assessment. VERY HELPFUL.
Glossary Terms - Course-specific vocabulary. (Not yet available)
Experimental Design Template - Guidance for lab reports.
Required Practicals - We must do and you must know for Paper 3.
Exam Prep Sheet Y1_S1 SLHL
IB Exam - Past Papers(Not yet available)
IB Exam Guidelines - What to expect from each of the papers. SLHL
50 Random MC Questions - From the Core + AHL (old syllabus)
**Each time you try the two links above you will see different questions.
General Web Resources
The links below lead to great resources for all aspects of the course.BioNinja
An excellent web resource that includes detailed notes related to ALL core material as well as the required practicals. Additional resources will be made available as the site creators create more.
IB Biology Video Review
An excellent series of video, prepared by Stephanie Castle, that outline the subsections of the IB Biology course. She is constantly adding new videos so subscribe to her channel to receive the latest additions.
A wonderful web resource with notes, study tools and practice questions for all aspects of the course.
Prepared by McGraw-Hill, this site offers great animations and a variety of practice quizzes. Click on the 'Choose a chapter' link (left side) and have a look around to see what's available.
Mr. Mac

Los estudiantes de Northern Essex Community College pueden hablar con nuestro personal bilingüe y recibir información tanto en inglés como en español. Para ayudar a las personas que tienen un conocimiento limitado del inglés, nuestra institución cuenta con servicio de traducción a otros idiomas además del español. Para solicitar los servicios de traducción, comuníquese con nuestra oficina de Registro Académico, llamando al 978-556-3700, o visite la oficina 'One-Stop' en Haverhill o Lawrence. La traducción puede demorarse de una a dos semanas.


Biology - The last day to make up the lab is Tuesday, January 17th. Biology - The last day to turn in make up work is Tuesday, January 17th. Physical Science -The last day to turn in make up work is Tuesday, January 17th. Biological Science Course Descriptions. Core 42 approved. BIO 101 Biology 3-2-4 (MOTR BIOL100L) This course is designed to provide each student with an understanding and appreciation of the diversity of living things and their cell structure, chemistry, genetics, evolution, and ecological relationships.

Au Northern Essex Community College (NECC), les étudiants peuvent s’adresser à des employés bilingues et recevoir les informations destinées aux futurs étudiants en anglais et en espagnol. Des services de traduction sont disponibles sur demande pour les personnes ayant une maîtrise limitée de l’anglais et ne parlant pas l’espagnol. Pour demander des services de traduction, veuillez prendre contact avec le service des inscriptions (Enrollment Services) en téléphonant au 978-556-3700 ou en se rendant au service d’accueil à guichet unique (One-Stop) à Haverhill ou à Lawrence. Les traductions peuvent prendre une à deux semaines.

No Northern Essex Community College, os alunos podem conversar com funcionários bilíngues e receber as informações para futuros alunos em inglês e espanhol. Mediante pedido, são oferecidos serviços de tradução para pessoas com limitações em inglês e que falam outros idiomas que não o espanhol. Para pedir serviços de tradução, contate o Enrollment Services (Serviços de Registro), ligando para 978-556-3700 ou comparecendo ao One-Stop em Haverhill ou Lawrence. A tradução pode levar de uma a duas semanas.

在Northern Essex Community College(北艾塞克斯社区学院),学生可以找双语的职员谈话,并且获得为潜在学生提供,以英文和西班牙文制备的信息。如果您提出要求,我们也会为英语有限的人士提供翻译服务。要求翻译服务时请联系Enrollment Services(注册服务)号码 978-556-3700,或前往在Haverhill 或 Lawrence 的 One-Stop (一站式服务)。翻译需时一到两个星期。

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يمكن لطلاب كلية (Northern Essex Community College) التحدث مع أفراد الطاقم مزدوجي اللغة وأن يتلقوا معلومات طلابنا المستقبليين باللغتين الإنكليزية والإسبانية. تتوفر خدمات الترجمة عند الطلب لمحدودي الكفاءة في اللغة الإنكليزية، الذين يتحدثون لغات غير الإسبانية. لطلب خدمات الترجمة، نرجو الاتصال بمكتب خدمات التسجيل (Enrollment Services) على رقم الهاتف 3700-556-978، أو مكتب الخدمات المتكاملة (One-Stop) في هيفرهيل أو لورانس. طلبات الترجمة قد تستغرق من أسبوع واحد إلى أسبوعين.