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Read this DOOM Eternal guide to learn more about the Slayers Club! Find out how to join, Slayers Club points, skins, ranking up, bonus rewards, and more!

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The main force of the Sahuagin invaders are camped in the wilderness outside Korthos village, along with the brainwashed Devourer cult members bound to serve them.

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What is the Slayer's Club?

Monster Slayers Wiki

The Official DOOM Fan Club

The Slayers Club is the official DOOM fan club which gives players an avenue to commune and celebrate their love for DOOM! Whether you've been a long-time fan, or have just recently found out about the game, this club is open for anyone to join!

How To Join

  • 1. Create a Bethesda Account here
  • 2. Click 'Join the Club'

Joining a Club is a quick 2-step process. A account is required in order for the fan club to keep track of the points and rewards you earn as a member.

Earn Rewards By Being a Fan

Now that you're a member of the fan club, you will now be able to earn and unlock various rewards by being a fan! These rewards include Slayer and demon skins, avatars, and more!

Slayers Club Points

Points Help You Rank Up

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As a new member of the Slayers Club, you will start out as a UAC Volunteer rank. By being an active member of the Club, you will earn points that help you rank up! There are 15 ranks in total, from the Volunteer all the way up to the Doom Slayer!

Ranking Up Nets You Rewards

Most of the ranks will offer you an exclusive reward when you rank up! So stay active and participate within the community to unlock all of the Slayers Club's rewards!

Earn Points By Doing Various Activities

You will be able to earn points by doing various activities within the club! These include watching trailers, answering trivia questions, sharing your fan art, and more! There is a multitude of ways you can earn these points!

Slayers Club Rewards & Skins

All Slayers Club Rewards

1UAC VolunteerZombie DOOM Slayer
2UAC Intern-
3UAC Advocate15% Coupon for DOOM Merch + Unlock Avatar Creator
4UAC Scientist-
5UAC CultistAdditional Avatar Slot
6UAC Elite GuardGhost Pain Elemental + Additional Avatar Slot
7GruntAdditional Avatar Slot
8Space Marine15% Coupon for DOOM Merch + Avatar Facial Hair, Hair Style, & Nose Blood
9SargeZombie Mancubus + Avatar Slot
10ReaperAvatar Forehead Blood
11PhobosKaiju Archvile + Avatar Slot
12Night Sentinel15% Coupon for DOOM Merch + Avatar Slot and Avatar Eye Blood
13HarbingerAvatar Slot
14HellwalkerImperial Marauder + Avatar Slot
15DOOM Slayer25th Anniversary Slayer + Avatar God Mode Eyes

All Slayers Club Skins

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Zombie Slayer
(Rank 1)
Click to Enlarge
Ghost Pain Elemental
(Rank 5)
Click to Enlarge
Zombie Mancubus
(Rank 9)
Click to Enlarge
Kaiju Archvile
(Rank 11)
Click to Enlarge
Imperial Marauder
(Rank 14)
Click to Enlarge
25th Anniversary Slayer
(Rank 15)

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