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If you've ever gone to school in the computer age, worked in an office in front of a computer or simply used a computer for any type of word processing, you may be aware that the industry standard today is Microsoft Word, a part of the Microsoft Office family.

Well, the Microsoft Office suite is rather expensive if you're a home user and there are no doubt times where you've been sent a Word document to read and you were unable to open it because your system doesn't have the costly software installed. That's where Microsoft has smartened up and given any user running Windows the ability to view MS Word documents for free with Microsoft Word Viewer.


Read Aloud is on the Review tab of Mac Word 2016. However, it is only available is you have an Office 365 Subscription. It is not available if your version of Office 2016 is a retail or volume license. As a student, there are assignments I must access via online classes. I cannot as I am using Macbook with Open Office only. I was hoping to find an online viewer for Word and other Microsoft apps. I went to Microsoft, as recommended, and downloaded a viewer. However, it says it won't work in DOS.

The application lacks the ability to edit Word DOC files, but it certainly does give you the ability to have a glance at them and print from from your home PC. The viewer supports DOCX files with its converter and can also view older DOC files the same way.

Microsoft Word Viewer does *not* give the user the ability to save files, however you're free to copy and paste the text into other applications which can edit, such as WordPad or Notepad, two applications which are included with your standard Windows installation. Another idea is to install OpenOffice and use that freeware application to do the editing, which subsequently can also save as a Microsoft Word DOCX/DOC document.

Try these quick tips to open your Mac.pages documents on your Windows machine. Change the extension to zip and try opening it with Microsoft Office or a PDF or JPEG viewer–this works well for older versions of.pages, not so well for newer versions; Export file from Pages on your Mac or iOS device as a word document.

One last feature of Microsoft Word Viewer freeware is the option to view edits, editorial changes, and comments made to the document.

If you don't have Microsoft Office for any reason, Word Viewer is a handy application to have installed. This version replaces Microsoft Word Viewer 2003.

Microsoft Word Viewer is software which can open DOC and DOCX files.


Features and highlights

  • Free to view Word Document (.docx)
  • Supports Word Macro-Enabled Document (.docm)
  • Supports Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • Can view Text (.txt) files
  • Word Viewer can also print MS Word documents
  • View WordPerfect 5.x (.wpd)
  • View WordPerfect 6.x (.doc, .wpd)
  • View Works 6.0 (.wps)
  • View Works 7.0 (.wps)
  • View XML (.xml) files

Microsoft Word Viewer 12.0.6038.3000 on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs

This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from office software without restrictions. Microsoft Word Viewer 12.0.6038.3000 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows.

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