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How your phone number or email address is used. Microsoft will use your phone number or email address only for this one-time transaction. Standard SMS rates may apply. Excel learns your patterns, organizing your data to save you time. Easily create spreadsheets from templates or on your own. This free Mac application is an intellectual property of Microsoft. The program lies within Productivity Tools, more precisely Office Tools. The most popular versions among Microsoft Excel for Mac users are 14.0, 12.3 and 10.1. This program's bundle is identified as Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac is a productivity suite that combines Word to create rich documents, Excel to develop useful spreadsheets, PowerPoint to design compelling presentations, Entourage to communicate and manage personal information, and Messenger to integrate instant messaging into other tasks. The Microsoft site wants to sell me Office for the Mac, but I don’t want nor do I need Office; I only want Excel. There seems to be no way to get only Excel on the Microsoft site. What really irks me is that I have to pay Microsoft to ask a question about how to purchase Excel.

Are you trying to decide if you should buy Office for Mac as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription or as a stand-alone product? [Note: Microsoft 365 used to be called Office 365, but Microsoft re-branded in in early 2020.] While cost is one important consideration it is not the only one. I’d like to point out a few other considerations that I think you should keep in mind as you make your decision. It is important to know that regardless of whether you buy Office as a stand-alone product or as part of Microsoft 365, you get the ability to download and install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc on your Mac. Microsoft offers a web-based version of these applications.The online versions are only available if you have an Microsoft 365 subscription. The online versions are cleverly named Word Online, Excel Online, etc. Frankly, I don’t believe I’ve ever used them so I can’t comment on how similar or dissimilar they are from the full desktop versions. Microsoft 365 subscribers get access to new versions of Office when they are released, which is typically about every 3 or 4 years. For example, Microsoft made the following Mac versions of Office: Office 2011, Office 2016 and they released Office 2019 in September 2018.

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Home and Student vs Home and Business

First you need to determine if you want to buy the Home and Student version or the Home and Business version. While these names may be slightly confusing, the primary difference for Mac users is that the Home and Business version includes Microsoft’s email application, Outlook. If you’re a business customer or if you use Outlook then you should buy the Home and Business version. Both versions include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Office on iPad or iPhone

Do you want to use Office apps on your iPhone or iPad to edit documents? Microsoft lets you download and install Word, Excel and Powerpoint, for free, on your iOS device. However, this free version only lets you open and view Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. If you want to edit files then you need to have an Office 365 subscription.


Do you use Microsoft’s OneDrive to store and/or share documents with others? If so, it probably makes more sense to get an Office 365 subscription since Microsoft provides 1TB of storage space per user as part of the subscription. Microsoft does offer stand-alone OneDrive accounts. As of the end of 2018, a free OneDrive account comes with 5 GB of storage and a paid account comes with 50 GB of storage space.


Prices vary over time. I plan to update the prices in this article from time to time, but please always check exact prices in case the prices listed below aren’t current.

If you want to buy Office outright, you can get competitive pricing from Amazon for Office for Mac. When you purchase from Amazon make sure you buy one of the digital download versions which let you download the installer from Microsoft’s web site (which requires you to use a Microsoft account or create one.) For example, current prices for the Home and Student version of Office 2019 for Mac is about $120. This lets you install it on one Mac. It’s not currently possible to buy a multi-user license, such as the 3-packs that Microsoft previously offered.

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If you want a Microsoft 365 subscription, buy it directly from Microsoft’s web site. For home use, you will likely pick between Microsoft 365 Personal and Microsoft 365 Home. The Personal plan currently costs $70 per year and lets you install Office on 1 Mac or PC. The Home plan costs $100 per year and lets you install Office on up to 6 Macs or PC.

Currently, Microsoft offers 3 plans for small business customers.

Microsoft 365 Business Essentials for $5/user/month. This plan only provides email accounts for your business. It does not include Word, Excel or Powerpoint.

Microsoft 365 Business for $8.25/user/month. This is the most commonly purchased plan. It includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Office 365 Business Premium for $12.50/user/month. This plan includes Word, Excel and Powerpoint as well as email hosting for your business.

Microsoft 365 subscriptions also include Microsoft’s Intelligent Services

In general, I think that if you need more than 3 licenses for your home or business and you look at the cost of ownership over about 5-6 years then it typically more affordable to buy Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Many Mac users love Microsoft Excel for Mac. Excel is a critical tool for businesses and students all over the world.

Excel, an electronic spreadsheet, is where offices and companies keep their most useful data like finances and inventory. The paper ledger books used in the past for accounting and orders are now kept in databases like Excel, where the numbers and data can be easily stored, manipulated and used.

Even students and families use Excel for tracking grades, keeping a budget, and listing family chores to keeping score in a fantasy football league.

As common and useful as Excel is, many are surprised when they purchase a new computer and Excel for Mac isn’t waiting for them.

Not to worry. We’ll look at where you can quickly and easily download Excel for Mac. We’ll look at different purchase options for Excel, and a few of the best features of Excel for Mac so you can be sure you’re getting the most from your software.

As the name implies, Excel is not a native product for Apple. It’s a Microsoft product and part of the Microsoft Office suite. As of now, you can’t purchase Excel as a standalone product. You need to purchase it as part of the Office suite. Luckily, you get a lot of value with Microsoft Office, including:

  • Microsoft Excel: The product being discussed, it includes spreadsheets for collecting, organizing and displaying data in cells featuring graphing tools, tables and calculations.
  • Microsoft Word: A word processing program for creating documents. It has become an industry standard, and many schools now require work to be turned in using Word.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: An application for creating slides and presentations combining text, video, music, animations and visual elements.
  • Microsoft OneNote: A note taking application used to capture, store and integrate or share information. Cloud integration has made it easy to share notes, data and information across devices, including your Mac and Apple devices.
  • Microsoft Outlook: A suite of synchronized software applications including email, contacts, basic customer relationship management (CRM), calendar and tasks.
  • Microsoft OneDrive: Included with the Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive is a cloud-based, file hosting application that stores files and personal data to be retrieved anywhere with cloud access.
  • Microsoft Office for Mac does not include everything the windows of PC version includes. For example, Microsoft Publisher and Access are both missing, but the features that are included provide excellent value for Mac users.
Downloading Excel for Mac

You have several options for purchasing Microsoft Office and Excel for Mac.

1. Purchasing Microsoft Excel For Mac From The Apple Store

Microsoft Buy Excel For Mac

When your first purchase your Mac, either online or in the Apple store, you can include purchasing Microsoft 2016 with Excel for Mac, or a subscription of Microsoft Office 365 with Excel for Mac. Often, depending on offers when you make your purchase, you can bundle Microsoft Office with the purchase to save money or receive a discount. Talk to the supplier about any specials they offer.

2. Purchasing Microsoft Excel For Mac From Microsoft

The easiest way to purchase Microsoft Excel for Mac is through Microsoft. Microsoft offers a free 1-month trial of Microsoft Office with Excel through Office 365, letting you test out the product and make sure it works on your computer before purchasing. You will need a Microsoft account before purchasing or signing up for the trial.

3. Purchasing Microsoft Excel For Mac From The App Store

Microsoft is launching Microsoft Office 365 on the Mac App store. While they already offer the Office suite on Mac, as we mentioned above, you couldn’t purchase office for Mac in the app store. You had to go through Microsoft or through the Apple dealer. With this change, Microsoft made it easy for Mac users to install and manage Office and Excel for Mac in one place – the app store where they are already managing their other apps.

4. Other Options For Purchasing Microsoft Excel For Mac

Buy Microsoft Excel For Mac

You can also purchase Microsoft Office for Mac from other online and store front retailers. This includes Amazon or Best Buy, where you can buy discs or a key card that you can use to download the software for both Mac and PC. Even online retailers like Newegg or retail stores like Walmart will carry Microsoft office. These include subscription to Office 365 or purchase of the Office 2016. We suggest going through either Apple or Microsoft for your purchase for better support for the software.

As you can see, you have plenty of options for purchasing Microsoft Excel for Mac. Next, we’ll look at a few of the options you have for purchase, so you can be sure the product you buy will meet your needs.

Options For Purchasing Microsoft Excel For Mac

Currently, Microsoft Excel is available in two products – Microsoft Office 2016 and Microsoft Office 365.

There are differences in the pricing and functionality of both products, which can affect your buying decision:

  • Microsoft Office 2016: This is a one-time purchase of the Microsoft Office suite for one computer and one user at a time. It includes the 2016 versions of the entire suite of Office products for Mac, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Please note, there are no upgrades included in the purchase, however, it offers a lower overall price over the life of the installation. There is a business option for Office 2016 for Mac that includes Outlook as well.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Personal: This is a fee-based purchase of Microsoft Office, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS). You can choose a monthly or annual subscription, which includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook for Mac for one user on one Mac with the most up-to-date version of the software. As a SaaS product, Office 365 includes the latest updates for each product. Office 365 Personal also delivers 1TB of cloud storage on OneDrive and 60 minutes of Skype calls each month. Unlike Office 2016, Office 365 can be installed on iPads and iPhones.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Home:Like Office 365 Personal, Office 365 Home is a SaaS product with an annual fee. It includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook for Mac. The most up-to-date version of the Office suite can be installed on up to five devices, including Mac computers, iPads and iPhones, for up to five users. Office 365 Home also delivers 1TB of cloud storage on OneDrive and 60 minutes of Skype calls each month. Unlike Office 2016, Office 365 can be installed on iPads and iPhones.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business:Office 365 for business is a SaaS product with a monthly or annual fee that includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook for Mac. The most up-to-date version of the Office suite can be installed on one device for one user for each seat you purchase. Office 365 Business also delivers 1TB of cloud storage on OneDrive. Office 365 Business offers a Premium subscription that includes business class email and HD video conferencing.

With multiple versions of Microsoft Office available, it’s important to select the version that meets your needs. For a higher initial cost, but much lower lifetime cost with no updates, it makes sense to purchase Microsoft Office 2016. For the latest version of the software and access to OneDrive cloud storage, Office 365 personal is the choice. If you need to install the software on multiple devices, look at Office 365 Home.

A Final Word On Office 2016 And Office 365 Excel For Mac

Office 2016 was first released as part of Office 365 before it became a standalone product available for purchase. As of now, there are no public plans to release an updated, standalone version of Microsoft Office as a product to upgrade Office 2016, except for Office 2019 which will be released for Windows alone.

Buy Microsoft Excel For Mac

There have been upgrades to Microsoft Excel for Mac since Office 2016, which are only available in the Office 365 version. These include PivotTables. PivotTables in Excel for Mac is a fantastic tool that allows you to summarize and reorganize specific columns and rows of data to create a new report without making a new spreadsheet or changing the database itself.

Microsoft Buy Excel For Macs

Another feature of Excel currently accessible only in the Office 365 version are faster multi-thread calculations. With access to OneDrive, the Office 365 version also enables better collaboration between users, with more collaboration updates coming up in releases soon.

Buy Microsoft Excel For Mac Online

The days of cross platform functionality are here, and Mac users have easy access to Microsoft Office tools like Excel on Mac computers. Microsoft has made Excel fully compatible and ready to go for Mac. It’s just a matter of picking the right software options for you. Enjoy!