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With climate change a concern these days, one young engineer from the Heights has worked to create an app to measure how everyday choices impact our planet.

Dakota Stormer, 24, is a chemical engineer who specialized in alternative energy and environment engineering at the University of Texas, but he also has a Master’s degree in energy policy and climate from John Hopkins University. Now, the founder and CEO of Footprint LLC he said he hopes to encourage people to make positive changes in their lives using the Footprint app, which is set to launch during the first week of August.

“I noticed that my friends and I cared a lot about climate change, and we wanted to understand how we could reduce our impact,” Stormer said. “Once we realized how many things we do can contribute to our impact on the planet, we felt a bit overwhelmed. It reminded me of when people want to eat healthy and make a lifestyle change — and like a fitness app, Footprint is here to help.”

The app lets people quantify their carbon footprint and team up with others to complete challenges to reduce that number, understand ways to offset it and begin advocating for changes in their communities and world.

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It has two core target markets. Beyond individuals, corporations and organizations can participate to affect their sustainability culture, like what Global Corporate Challenge does for fitness goals. While individuals can sign up for free and nonprofits can join at a low cost, businesses and corporations would pay a more premium price. But Stormer said those costs would be offset by a reduction in waste costs.

He said through Footprint, participants will better understand how things like what they eat or how they travel to work or school can have consequences, positive or negative, for the planet.

“A person’s diet and travel habits account for the majority of their carbon footprint. I was surprised to learn that eating vegetarian has nearly half the carbon intensity of an average meat-eating diet,” he said. “I’ll be honest — as a Texan, I’ve grown up eating steak, but learning about the impacts on the planet really makes me consider more healthy, veggie-filled options.”

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The idea for Footprint came about more than a year ago, but a team of eight, including four interns from Cinco Ranch High School, has been working on the project more seriously since the beginning of the year. Intern Hannah Robbins said she joined the effort because the work was important to her.

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“I personally care about climate change because of how little action has been implemented to combat how giant of an issue it is. Especially within my generation, the majority of us feel that there is a moral obligation to receive a planet healthy enough to sustain our generation, including the next ones.”


As the app launches, Stormer expects to have some kinks and areas that need to be tweaked. His goal is to raise $200,000 from venture capital and contributions, so the best product can become available in time. He called Footprint LLC a “for-profit entity operating for social good.” If you are interested in learning more, visit, or contribute through Venmo @FootprintApp. Footprint should go live during the first week in August anywhere apps are available.


Stormer said he and his team hope to start a grassroots movement that will produce a real and positive change for the planet.

“Climate change is too big for one person to tackle. Thankfully, you’re not alone. We want Footprint to be a community-wide movement towards a cleaner, greener world,” he said. “We want Footprint to unify the millions of people across the world who care about climate change. Alone, our impact may seem minuscule, but together, we can make an overwhelming impact.”

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