Maplestory Client For Mac

This project is a continuation of HeavenClient, see I've started working on it pretty recently and thus far, I have setup CI on GitHub, fixed a lot of compile warnings, a bug regarding player movement and a bug when assigning keys in keyconfig.
As a baseline, the client is going to adhere to the v83 packet protocol while also maintaining extensibility with custom opcodes.
Project along with instructions can be found on GitHub.
So far, I have only tested it on my Mac, here's an SS
I'm happy to answer any questions or help if you have problem building it.
Hello, im new here and im a porter at I ported ClassicMS v62 to Mac if anybody uses Mac. I have successfully run a XiuzSource server on my Mac (all native no Vmware or Parallels or anything) and am trying with ThePack. I hope to post a tutorial on how to run a Mac MapleStory server since im a Mac fan. Download my port at
Hope any MapleStory Mac users that use a virtual machine can benefit from my native client (great for Macbooks since no emulation is required). If anybody has previosly run MS in wine on a mac before (the client) or have run a Mac MapleStory server i would love to hear their experience. Twitter me @colemancda
Maplestory client for mac catalina

Maplestory Client For Mac Catalina

Maplestory client for mac high sierra

Maplestory Client For Mac Os

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