Mags Madness

Smash Hits was a pop music magazine aimed at teenagers and young adults, featuring lyrics, photographs, interviews and news related to celebrity music acts in the UK (Later offshoots arrived in the US and Australia). After an initial test issue, the magazine started publishing in 1979, switching to. Donald Trump’s descent into madness continues. The latest manifestation of this is a report in The New York Times that the president is weighing appointing the conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell. Madness on Capitol Hill Part insurrection, part happy hour, Trump supporters lost their minds, and I watched a man urinate on the Capitol steps. The nation, ashamed, was left to mourn. What Is Marlin Madness? Marlin wants to know which tournament team is your favorite. Only you can determine the winner of each round. Sixty-four qualifying teams, each one with the possibility of becoming the Marlin Madness Champion.

Mags Madness


Drop into Madness. Watch here.

Clay Kreiner’s “Delusional” Part

Spending more time in the air than on the ground, Clay clashes with the riskiest ramps in the game paying homage to vert giants before him—Hawk, Way, and Sluggo to name a few. This part ain’t for the faint of heart.

Ace Pelka’s “Creative Control” Part

Ace Pelka puts the rails to work with slappies and slides measured in miles. Go the distance.

Jeff Rasp 365 Days of Madness


Jeff Rasp skated everyday of 2020! His homies all got together on the 365th day to celebrate the Madness!

Madness Grip Grooves:

Magmadness Ni No Kuni

MadnessMags Madness

Mags Madness Games

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