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Doing time during a pandemic can mean fighting for your turn to wash your body or call your family. Inside one man’s battle with an inaudible loudspeaker, weary guards and a dysfunctional process.
People getting out of prison are bringing the virus outside because lockups aren’t taking basic precautions. Overtaxed halfway houses and other reentry programs are left to pick up the slack.

The Marshall Project is collecting data on COVID-19 infections in state and federal prisons. See how the virus has affected correctional facilities where you live.

  1. A humanitarian known to the world as the mother of the all races, ages will forever be remembered as a women with a heart of gold to offer. As a nun she has never had tonnes of money to over to the world, she has been richer in a sense of her humanness. In the times of when the rest of the world saw the suffering and walked away.
  2. . The 2021 Community Impact Grant program will begin on February 1, 2021. There are new qualification guidelines for this program. Please review the program updates below.
But will high-tech programs replace “the human touch” when the virus ebbs?
Amid calls for tougher laws after the Capitol assault, research shows that measures addressing White violence usually fall harder on Black people.
Feds spent millions to restart the death penalty and in the process revealed much about how they do it.
The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist will join the organization as a contributing editor, focusing on local accountability journalism about criminal justice.
As COVID-19 spread earlier this year, prison facilities across the country suspended visits from family and lawyers. Several months into the pandemic, some states are easing those restrictions. We’re rounding up the changes as they occur.
But local cops can still receive Pentagon equipment, including automatic rifles.

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Mental illness, childhood abuse and brain injuries affect a large share of those who face the death penalty.

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Everyone's talking about sedition, treason and conspiracy. Here's what these terms actually mean and how they've been enforced.

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By Eli Hager, Maurice Chammah and Christie Thompson