Game 80: January 8, 2016the Initials Game

Initials: B.H.
Host: Cory Cove
Players: Chris Hawkey, Paul Lambert, Aj Mansour, Mark Parrish

1Bill HaderChris Hawkey3
2Beverly HillsChris Hawkey?
3Black HillsChris Hawkey4
4Beverly HillbilliesAj Mansour?Paul Lambert
Chris Hawkey
5Brian HoyerChris Hawkey5
6Bob HopeChris Hawkey?Paul Lambert
7Boko HaramChris Hawkey?
8Brett HullMark Parrish1
9Bounty HunterAj Mansour4
10Bryce HarperPaul Lambert2
11Black HoleAj Mansour?Chris Hawkey
12Buddy HollyChris Hawkey2

GAME 79: DECEMBER 18, 2015: AJ Mansour: 3: Paul Lambert vs Chris Hawkey vs AJ Mansour GAME 80: JANUARY 8, 2016: Paul Lambert: 2: Paul Lambert vs Ben Leber: GAME 82: JANUARY 22, 2016: AJ Mansour: 3: AJ Mansour vs Mark Parrish vs Paul Lambert: GAME 88: MARCH 04, 2016: AJ Mansour: 2: AJ Mansour vs Mark Parrish: GAME 97: MAY 06, 2016: Paul Lambert: 2.

Game 80: January 8, 2016the Initials GameInitials

Game 80: January 8 2016 The Initials Game 6


Game 80: January 8 2016 The Initials Games

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