Game 68: September 25, 2015the Initials Game

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Initials: M.H.
Host: Cory Cove
Players: Chris Hawkey, Paul Lambert, AJ Mansour, Jason Zucker

1Marvin HarrisonAJ Mansour3
2Melissa-Joan HeartPaul Lambert3
3Mike HolmgremPaul Lambert6
4Mia HammPaul Lambert4
5MC HammerPaul Lambert3
6Matt HasslebackAJ Mansour5Chris Hawkey
7Mike HarrisAJ Mansour6Paul Lambert
Chris Hawkey
8Mitch HedbergPaul Lambert4
9Mike HuckabeePaul Lambert4
10Mark HamillPaul Lambert3
11Miami HeatChris Hawkey5
12Mad HatterAJ Mansour3

Game 68: September 25 2015 The Initials Games


Game 68: September 25 2015 The Initials Game 6

1Paul Lambert713
2AJ Mansour42
3Chris Hawkey12
4Jason Zucker0
Notes & Quotes
Winger for the Minnesota Wild, Justin Zucker made his Initials Game debut. His fiancé, Carly Aplin, was in the audience and would have scored more points (2) than him (0) if she was allowed to ring in. Jason, on his performance: “Yeah, I was awesome. I listened really, really well.”
Meatsauce: “This is the only thing I’m good at, Jason. I’m the Zach Parise of this game.”
Cory: “Uhoh, he’s stretching it out.”
Meatsauce: “My pants are too tight. That’s the problem.”
Hawk: “Yeah, and they’re 42s.”
Meatsauce: “They’re 44s. Thank you. You bought them. We used to both fit in them.”
Cory: “If Sauce breaks the record and he does it because he knows a politician—even one—holy F… This is the worst.”
After Meatsauce scores his seventh point, tying Leber’s single-game record:
Cory and Hawk: “Oh, my god!”
Cory: [Sighs.] “Well, everybody’s weekend is ruined, and there’s two items left. This is the worst.”
Hawk: “Dude. I am impressed. I really am impressed.”
Cory: “Why are you death staring me?”
Meatsauce: “Because you’re mean.”
Cory: “How am I mean? It’s a rule!”
Meatauce: “…but you have a really cool game.”
Cory: “God, I hate you.”
Hawk: “I’m seriously impressed with you!”
Meatsauce: “No you’re not. No one is. My own friends are texting me, ‘Stop—'”
Cory: “Yeah, your friends are because you’re being a baby!”
Meatsauce: “Yeah, but I didn’t listen to the rule, but guess what? Even without your game I just broke, or tied your record!”
Cory: “Even without my game you tied the record?”

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