Game 46: April 17, 2015the Initials Game


Game 46: April 17 2015 The Initials Game 6

Game 46: April 17, 2015the Initials Game

Initials: J.B.
Host: Cory Cove
Players: Chris Hawkey, Paul Lambert, AJ Mansour, Paul Charchian

Game 46: april 17 2015 the initials game show

Game 46: April 17 2015 The Initials Game Show

1James BrownAJ Mansour5
2Jonas BrothersPaul Lambert2
3Jack BauerPaul Lambert4
4Jingle BellsAJ Mansour3
5Jan BradyAJ Mansour6Chris Hawkey
Paul Lambert
Paul Charchian
6Jerky BoysChris Hawkey 2
7Joe BidenAJ Mansour3Paul Lambert
Chris Hawkey
8James BondPaul Charchian2
9Jelly BellyPaul Lambert4
10Jason BorneAJ Mansour5Paul Lambert (BF)
11Javier BardemPaul Lambert6Paul Charchian
Chris Hawkey
12Jungle BookPaul Charchian2
1AJ Mansour52
2Paul Lambert4311
3Paul Charchian222
4Chris Hawkey131
Notes & Quotes
Charch made his Initials Game debut, filling in for Leber, who was in “Turks and Rice.”
After Meatsauce got “Jonas Brothers” with only two clues…
Cory: “Oh, my gosh.”
Charch: “Nicely done.”
Hawk: “Yeah, but that’s his wheelhouse.”
Charch: “Savant-like.”
Cory: “That was a little scary, how quickly you got that one, to be honest with you. That’s slightly embarrassing.”
AJ: “Would you have accepted Joe Bros?”
Hawk: “He spent a summer following them around on tour.”
Sauce: “That’s how Hawkey and I met.”
Cory: “Nice call on Jerky Boys.”
AJ: “Is that a band? A gang?”
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  • The game involves the skills of fitting a shape into remaining space, and planning ahead. The adults had fun and we usually played two or three games in a row. The games are very quick - around 15 or 20 minutes. A great game for family gatherings where a fun, short, easy-to-learn game is needed.

Game 46: April 17 2015 The Initials Games

Ellen's Game of Games. Apr 17, 2015 Limited Streaming: Nov 17, 2016. April 17, 2015 The CGI effects are sensational, teaming with the beautiful, landscape-rich cinematography to create some. Unfortunately, the game falls short on excitement and action. These games feel more like mini-games and not a full Nintendo sports game. This is what I don't like about it. I would rather have gotten a dedicated Mario golf or tennis game, rather than 5 mini-games. I like the idea of the amiibo cards, because this is a way to customize the game.

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