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Are you looking for fun Christmas games to play this holiday season? This Christmas Song Titles printable game will be a hit with everyone!

Christmas parties are some of the most delightful events of the year but if you’re planning one, you might be stressing and wondering how to keep your guests entertained! I’ve got the perfect solution.

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This printable Christmas party game is the perfect low-key activity that you simply print, hand out to guests with some writing utensils and then sit back as they all try to use their brain power to decipher these Christmas song titles! Guests will interact with each other as they try to figure them out and the proverbial ice will be broken. 🙂

The Christmas song titles have been re-written using “fancy” words and it’s up to your guests to figure them all out.

Even if you’re not throwing some giant holiday gala you can still download and print this game off for your family on Christmas Eve! Use it at any event or Christmas activity you have and everyone will love it. See who can get the most. Or see who can get them all in the shortest amount of time. OR it can be a total group effort! Whatever you want!

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Some other fun activities (besides Christmas games) you could do at your Christmas party might be:

Adorable Santa Crafts for Kids! Set up a station for the kids to make a couple of these fun Santa crafts! Some are super simple and others are a little more involved so you have lots of options!

DIY Christmas Ornaments If you want some more advanced crafts (for older children or adults) look through these fun DIY Christmas Ornaments ideas and have this be a fun activity at your Christmas party!

Christmas Cookies and Candy Be crafty AND have something yummy to show for it! Set up a station to create some adorable Christmas cookies and candies and have them as part of your refreshments at your party!

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