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FMX Team Online Game. Play FMX Team, which is a bike game at Friv for school. This is a free game in which you will participate as a game player. There are 3 bike riders, you can choose one of them. Each rider can do different stunts and have some qualities which you can see before playing. How to Play FMX Team and Controls. Watch: 5 Ways to Achieve Operational Excellence in Facilities and Maintenance Management. Join FMX for our webinar to hear from a seasoned operations leader the 5 ways he has achieved operational excellence in his facilities over the past 30 years.

HTML Hit Counter. FMX Team Tags, Control and description Tags: Sports, Motorcycle, Obstacle, Series, Stunts, Up Arrow Key - Move Forward.Left / Right Arrow Keys - Lean.1-5 - Perform Stunts. A sweet game of performing motorcycle stunts over jumps as you compete on each level for a high score.

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Fmx Team 3

Game Description

FMX Team 2 is a motocross game in which you pick a bike and perform tricks to win challenges. Gain experience points and upgrade your riders, as you complete freestyle and downhill goals.

Fmx Team 3 Unblocked


Up/Down: Throttle/Brake
Left/Right: Lean back/forward
Enter: Turn around
1-6: Tricks and stunts

Fmx Team

After the success of FMX Team, here we have the second edition with much more improved features that makes the game a must play online game. The arrow keys on the keyboard have to be used to control the bike movements. However, the game is more about performing spectacular stunts while being up in the air. Use the number keys from 1-6 to perform tricks while playing the game. In each level of the game, you have limited time and limited lives to show your best biking skills. Your main aim should be to try and earn the targeted scores. All the best!