First Daypart 1teach To Be Happy

FirstHappyFirst Daypart 1teach To Be Happy

Things to do each day to be happy Image: File Image Protect your boundaries. Place a yellow tape around your mental and emotional space and let people know till how far inside they are allowed. Do not allow anyone, especially your loved ones, to violate that space and drain your energy. In this basic French lesson we learn basic French greetings, especially when meeting a stranger for the first time. Learn French with us.

First Daypart 1teach To Be Happy Birthday

NOTE: This list can be modified (except item #4) to work with any language. I created this list because we have a large Hispanic population in my school.
1. Create a comic strip in Spanish- list of choices HERE
2. Create a Menu for a Restaurant- it doesn't matter what type of restaurant, the menu is all in Spanish; MS Word templates can be found HERE or HERE for Google Docs.
3. Create a Newspaper- students can make it a local newspaper or one from their native country; MS Word templates can be found HERE or HERE for Google Docs.
4. C.S.I.: The Experience-Web Adventures- students solve forensic cases in Spanish
5. Fakebook- recently redesigned, this looks just like Facebook; students create accounts about famous Hispanic people
Fakebook: 90 second tutorial from History Teacher on Vimeo.

6. Glogster- create a poster in Spanish about their native country
7. Pinterest- create a board of links to information about their native country