Filewave Kiosk (free Version Download For Mac

  1. Filewave Kiosk (free Version Download For Mac Windows 8

Safety is a key issue in the current computing era. Without caution, there is a lot that can go wrong and this is an issue we all need to take care about both in the business as well as the home environment.


This post will concentrate at some of the best kiosks soft wares you can download and some of the feature you can expect. With such info, you will be in a better position to make sound decisions.

SiteKiosk Windows

Filewave Kiosk (free Version Download For Mac

FileWave is a utility used by ISS to house updates and apps available for download and installation on staff and student MacBooks. It is a queued system that will appear in the top menu of each user's MacBook. FileWave can be found at the top of the MacBook screen on the menu bar in the form of a red wave icon. While version 3.3 may not have been as visually appealing as say the Windows version of virtual keyboard, version 3.8.4 definitely makes up for that with the 3-D feature, as well as the new minimize feature. I was glad that the upgrade was free for registered users but, I would have gladly paid for this software again.

Filewave kiosk (free version download for mac windows 8

SiteKiosk Windows is a lockdown browser and kiosk application that protects computers which are connected via the public access internet. The software now features IE browser and Chrome engine support and start-screen generator. Also, the tool displays in full screen and has an internet content filter for effective usage.


PorteusKiosk is kiosk software that restricts the use of a computer to only web browsing. For this particular case, it is a light-weight Linux OS that boots only on Firefox or Chrome. At the same time, the history and the passwords used are not saved. Also, some menus are removed to ensure maximum security.


Webconverger is a kiosk software that provides the web that is private and stateless. This is a positive way to enjoy the program to the fullest. The software is committed to ensuring your privacy and is able to provide a deployment that is fast and totally hassles free.

Filewave kiosk (free version download for mac os x

Other Platform

It is always important to know the platform in which the kiosk software will ride on. Therefore, for those interested in deploying this type, it is always a good idea to consider using the same platform you are on to avoid inconveniences. It is also good to note the possibility of having platform independent options.

KioWare for Windows

KioWare is a kiosk software that runs on the Windows platform and can enact restrictions on computers and tablets to the web and the web based applications. Especially with the new version, users can now enjoy the Chrome browser, tabbed browsing, and a new and fresh user interface.

eCrisper for Mac


eCrisper for Mac is a kiosk software available for those on the Mac platform. It is one of the best tools for turning your Mac into a public access internet kiosk. It is ideal for hotels, schools, libraries, churches and a place with a similar setting. The tool is multilingual, deletes user data and has sessions reset after idle time.

KioWare for Android Kiosk App

KioWare for Android Kiosk App is a kiosk App for the Android users and seeks to offer restriction access to devices such as those that are in the public domain. This is useful to avoid access to restricted activities such as the installation of extra apps. The App disables the status bar to make settings inaccessible.

Most Popular Software for 2016 – Antamedia-Kiosk Software

Antamedia-Kiosk Software is a powerful kiosk software with a wide following on the global scale. It has great features, and this explains why it is a favorite amongst many. With the use of this software, you can be in a position to block system keys, hide system drives and much more.

What is a Kiosk Software?

A kiosk software is a program that is designed to limit the functionality of a computer, tablet or a mobile phone to specific roles. In the majority of the cases, it is used to limit the access of internet without the storage of passwords in the multiple devices. This ensures that the system remains very stable at all times. This system also helps to restrict the downloads and installation of any unknown files.You can also see File Compare Tools

Due to the numerous benefits acquired by the use of these softwares, they have become a favorite in many institutions.The benefits from the use of this kind of softwares are numerous . They have been enabled in many organizations for offering basic services while also retaining the integrity of their devices. It is, therefore , encouraged to use these softwares both for organizations as well as homes.You can also see Document Converter Software

Filewave Kiosk (free Version Download For Mac Windows 8

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