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Webley volume production revolvers started to appear around 1853 as the Webley Longspur. From then on Webley revolvers developed and evolved to meet market requirements. Often many different models in many different calibres were produced at the same time. Because of this complex numbers of guns it is difficult to date revolvers, as the production records are no longer in our possession.

However some manufacturing dates and information are available for a fee from: www.armsresearch.co.uk To date a gun they will need the serial number. Webley are unable to give valuations. For further information we suggest the book Webley Revolvers by Gordon Bruce and Christian Reinhart

Webley started producing Air Pistols in 1924 and today still produce Air Pistols to the same design principle (see below the Tempest) The early Air Pistols were marked with serial numbers up to the beginning of World War 2. Later Pistols were the marked with usually a threedigit batch number. This was to identify parts that were fitted to specific guns has they were processed round the factory. No Air Pistols were produced 1940-1945. Guns with BIRMINGHAM 4 on the side of the cylinder were made up to 1958 after which the 4 was Removed. Below are some approximate production dates that will help you date your Webley Air Pistol.

  1. Webley Mark 1 (Straight grip) 1924-1935
  2. Webley Mark 1 (Slanted grip) 1935-1964
  3. Webley Mark 11 (Target model) 1925-1930
  4. Webley Senior (Straight grip) 1930-1935
  5. Webley Senior (Slanted grip) 1935-1964
  6. Webley Premier 1964-1975
  7. Webley Premier Mk.11 1975-1977
  8. Webley Hurricane 1977-2005
  9. Webley Typhoon 1977-1982
  10. Webley Tempest 1979-2005
  11. Webley Junior (Wood/Tin grips) 1929-1939
  12. Webley Junior (Bakerlite grips) 1946-1973
  13. Webley Junior Mark 11 1973-1976
  14. Webley Single Stroke Pneumatic Air Pistols
  15. Webley Nemesis 1994-2005
  16. Webley Alecto 2008-2015
  17. Webley Tempest 2011-2019
Current Webley Air Pistols available today from your local gun dealer
  1. Webley VMX Pistol
  2. Webley Typhoon break barrel Air Pistol
  3. Webley Nemesis
  4. Webley Eclipse
  5. Webley MKIV
  6. Webley Alecto MKV

The gun carries a serial number of A168XXX and was bought second hand around 1916. Anyone know of another 'New River' shotgun? New River is not in Vorisek's book of shotgun markings, and it. To add to the variety of serial numbers I recently acquired a Montgomery Ward Western Field 20 gauge, serial number 32nnnXF. Though there are differences from the New Model Champion I’m reasonably certain it’s an Iver Johnson based on Vorisek’s book. The gun has a ribbed barrel which is what piqued my interest. The only visible markings are 'EXCEL' engraved into the left side of the receiver, and the serial number stamped into the bottom of the receiver, immediately behind the trigger guard, which reads 37611XC. Any info on the gun or suggestions where to look for info will be greatly appreciated. Serial numbers match on barrels. Iver Johnson Over/Under 20 Gauge shotgun.I heard there is a catalog so to speak of iver johnson serial numbers. Search this thread only;. Iver johnson serial number list.How to look up the serial number for an Iver Johnson shotgun - Quora.

Webley started producing Air Rifle in 1926. And currently produce a fine range of air rifles and air pistols that are available worldwide. Webley experimented with pneumatic air rifles in the 1960’s. Production air rifles became available in the late 1990’s The factory production information is not available. Below are some approximate production dates that will help you date your Webley Air Rile.

  1. Webley Axsor Air Rifle 1997-2000
  2. Webley Raider, Venom Viper Air Rifle 1999-2010
  3. Webley Raider 10 Air Rifle 2005-2010
  4. Webley Verminator, Venom Mamba Air Rifle 2004-2005
  5. Webley FX2000 Air Rifle 1999-2005
  6. Webley Spectre Air Rifle 2004-2005
  7. Webley Raider I & 2 shot PCP Air Rifle 2000-2008
  8. Webley Raider 10 PCP Air Rifle 2005-2019
The Latest Webley Air guns available today from your local gun dealer
  1. Webley Raider Classic Air Rifle
  2. Webley Mastiff
  3. Webley Eclipse Compact PCP Air Rifle
  4. Webley VMX Classic
  5. Webley VMX Cub

In 1897 P Webley & Son amalgamated with W & C Scott & Sons , forming The Webley & Scott Revolver & Arms Company of Birmingham and 78 Shaftesbury Avenue, London. Up until the mid 1920’s guns were produced as either Webley & Scott or W & C Scott models. Production of Webley & Scott Shotguns continued up until 1978 at which time a seperate company, W&C Scott( Gunmakers) Limited was formed and in 1985 was bought by Holland and Holland.
In 2006 under new ownership re-introduced a new range of shotguns manufactured throughout the
world using blending fine craftsmanship and the latest technology to give quality guns at a good value price

Webley & Scott no longer have the full records of guns produced prior to 2006
The complete production records are now held by:
Richard Gallyon.
Tel: 01953 850215
Fax: 01953 851800
Email : [email protected]
Richard Gallyon will provide production details for a small fee.
Current Webley & Scott Shotguns available today from your local gun dealer

Spare parts for all Webley products are available from: TW Chambers

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Excel Shotgun Serial Number Lookup

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