Email Performance Metrics

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Email Campaign Performance Metrics

Employee performance metrics not only measure how staff are doing for the purposes of raises and promotions. The right metrics propel a business to success. Learn which are the top performance metrics

Email Marketing Performance Metrics

Email campaign performance metrics

Email Performance Metrics

6 Metrics to Measure Email Marketing Performance #1. An email’s open rate is the percentage of people who clicked on the email with the intent to read its contents. This is generally considered as one of the most important metrics to watch out for. If your email is left unopened, your message won’t get seen. Luckily, Mailchimp has created the best resource ever for taking a peek into your peers’ email marketing metrics. This resource provides averaged email performance data for 46 different industries, ranging from Arts and Artists all the way to vitamin supplements. The purpose of email marketing KPIs is to help guide your campaigns into doing the things you need for those campaigns to be successful. To measure your campaign’s success by relying on one, two, or three metrics is impossible. For best results, you need to track a set of metrics that make up a balanced scorecard.