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If you are on this page, you already know the facts: Angry Birds Epic is a rather voracious free-to-play. Free-to-play is a game offered for free on mobile platforms such as iOS, Android or Windows Phone, but includes paid options that, in our case, are represented by lucky coins. Angry Birds Dream Blast. Life is a bubble-popping dream in a new puzzle game with a gameplay style never-before-seen in an Angry Birds game. Download Read more.

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Game Angry Birds Epic – Good news for all bird lovers – they are back. The sky darkened, a rustle of wings sounded, and an evil cloud clicked down to the ground. This time the island was attacked by a peaceful island. Where until then a pretty herd of pigs lived in harmony. For understandable reasons, the invaders here were not happy to show this robbed them, taking away eggs and treasures. And now you have to perform on the side of inconsolable birds. And help the winged beasts to win back their piece of land under the sun.

In the game Angry Birds Epic cheats for a lot of money you will find a lot of adventures and battles. This endless action to conquer the island and destroy the population of guinea pigs. It will take place in different locations against the backdrop of mountains, deserted beaches, snow-capped deserts. And at the very end you are waiting for a general battle with the royal family of pigs. For the victory over which you will have to invoke all the skill obtained during the game’s hacked version.

EpicDownload Game Angry Bird Epic

Dangerous and funny battles:

In the birds you will find a mass of weapons, magic spells, epic battles with a superior in strength, but not in the mind and anger, the enemy. In the game downloading Angry Birds Epic mod apk, installed on android-tablet there is humor and evil jokes that make you laugh, cute birds tricks. The game isolates tips that will show you how to beat, create different magic items and weapons, collect bonuses and accumulate treasures. Also worth noting is a colorful bright picture and a detailed picture of the world.

Download Game Angry Bird Epic

Hack Angry Birds Epic – this is the eighth in a row game from the series about Angry Birds. The version for Android OS was released on June 12, 2014. The game requires a mandatory connection to the Internet. Gameplay has significant differences compared to previous games of the series, passing the game will now look very different. Now it’s more RPG with active use of crafting. Each character has his own energy reserve, if he ends, then the hero dies. The player has to visit many locations, each of which includes one or more levels. Choose an accessible level, as well as visit castles or workshops can be on the map of the bird’s island.

Secrets and Tips:

Levels are battles in which a player in a battle with a computer opponent must defeat the pigs without losing all their birds. Different types of pigs and birds have different strength and strength, while it is possible to improve the class of birds, buy for them more powerful weapons and protective equipment. The complexity of the game increases with the passage. Before the battle begins, the player chooses birds (usually no more than 3), for which the whole level will play. Opponents strike in turns, using all the heroes at their disposal, each of which has its own superpower. The player wins if he manages to kill all the pigs, while retaining at least one bird.


If successful, the quality of the passage, as before, is estimated by the stars. In addition, for a confident victory, you can get an additional opportunity to twist the Wheel of Fortune (a bonus game after passing each level – another Angry Birds Epic cheat codes difference from previous games of the series) and even more coins that are needed to buy ingredients, resources, protective items and weapons in the store and a workshop. In general, the game has three types of currency: silver and gold coins and signs of friendship. Silver can be obtained after passing the level, destroying the enemy or buying for gold coins, which in turn are given for the passage of bonus games, raising the level of experience or buying for real money.

Download Game Cheat Angry Birds Epic

About game process:

You can receive one gold coin per day by synchronizing the profile in the game with the social network Facebook. In order to purchase the Signs of Friendship, you will have to shell out some gold coins or invite friends to play on Facebook. The game currency in Angry Birds Epic a lot of money, is needed to buy resources and ingredients. If you want to have a lot of money from the very beginning, you can download the hacked version below. Of the resources in the anvil. Weapons and protective devices are made, the ingredients go to making potions – special bonuses that increase the fighting capacity of birds or neutralize the strength of the pigs.

Hacked Angry Birds Epic – this is an epic adventure loved by both adults and children of “angry birds.” Only now their lives have become much richer and brighter. Instead of serving as a shell for destroying the fortifications of vile pigs, they will have a real military campaign on the swine island. Try also the game Blade Runner 2049 hack.

Angry Birds Epic Game Download For Android



Yes, you are not mistaken, this is a strategy in which you need to master a fairly extensive game world. And most importantly – to conduct intense fights. As for the game world, it will be pleased with the diversity. Within one seemingly small piggy island, snow-capped peaks, tropical beaches, and mysterious underground halls can also fit.

Download Game Angry Bird Epic Characters

You will lead charismatic feathered characters who will now wear armor, use weapons, and you will have to show tactical skills for step-by-step combat with a swine opponent. Of course, Angry Birds Epic is seasoned with branded humor, which is valued and loved by players, starting with the very first game of bird-swine battles. Epic adventure of angry birds will give more than one hour of interesting pastime in the company of feathered heroes.

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Download Game Angry Bird Epic Game

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