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If you are someone seeking a letter, please contact a provider in your state. During this time of COVID, telemedicine is the norm so you may want to reach out to providers who are in your state but not in your general vicinity. Whether you are a novice, a historian, or just a historian at heart, this text should be included in your personal library. Its colorful and detailed imagery captures the attention of the youngest of readers, yet its content is relevant for all.” ―Samantha Knox, Ed.D., LPC, LCPC, NCC/Owner of Aya Behavioral Health LLC.

This list of preparation materials is for your convenience, and includes our own preparation guides as well as paid advertisements from other study programs. NBCC does not endorse or otherwise support the products, services, or communications of other organizations, businesses, or individuals, including the information provided in this advertisement.

All guides below are developed and distributed by NBCC and can be ordered from our online store.

NBCC’s Official Preparation Guide for the NCMHCE:

  • Is designed to help you become more familiar with simulations in general and with the specific problem types that comprise the NCMHCE
  • Has five clinical simulation problems (the actual examination has 10) developed and reviewed by content experts in the area of clinical mental health counseling
  • Costs $44.95

NCEExamPrep seeks to provide quality, reliable, and easy to use preparation material to help test-takers confidently pass the National Counselor Exam.


  • NCEExamPrep Study Manual:
  • Nearly 700 pages of comprehensive, concise, material covering all eight of the CACREP content areas.
  • Printed, PDF, and audio versions available.
    • Workshop Videos & Practice Exams (1, 7, 30, 60, or 90 day unlimited access pass):
  • 4 hours of content recorded live.
  • 1 Hour 20 minutes focus exclusively on Research & Statistics
  • Full-length & chapter practice exams online
  • “Simulated Mode” is just like the actual NCE
  • Timed, 200 multiple-choice questions (160 scored, 40 item analysis),
  • Question distribution based on new 2019 work domains.
  • Mark questions for later review before exam completion
  • “Study Mode” allows you to view answers as you go before scoring.
  • Scoring report provides overall score, score by work domain, CACREP area, and study manual chapter. Report can be emailed to test-taker.
    • Course Bundles
  • Products are combined for discounts when purchasing multiple items.
  • Full money-back offer with the Guaranteed Study Package if the recommended study plan is followed and you still do not pass.

[email protected]

NCE Practice Exam & Flashcards – Guaranteed to Pass or Money Back

Includes 750 questions with fully explained answers. Can be used with smartphones, tablets, and computers. Complements all other study materials. Pass or get your money back—guaranteed. Updated for 2019. Free, new question updates in real time.

Written by:

  • Diane Dean, MA, LPC, RN-BC—Diane is a Licensed Professional Counselor and educator with over 20 years’ experience in health care. She has taught at many colleges and universities, including the University of Pittsburgh.
    Stacy Fruhling, NCC, MAC, LCPC, LCADC— Stacy is an adjunct professor in psychology and counseling at Anne Arundel Community College and the Community College of Baltimore County.
    Lisa Slade, MS, NCC, LPC— Lisa is an adjunct professor in psychology, counseling, sociology, and human services at Caldwell University in the Graduate School of Psychology, at the University of Bridgeport, and at Housatonic Community College.

What’s Included:

  • Practice Exam
  • Flash Card Study System
  • Review
  • 50 State Guide


  • $39.95
  • Lifetime use. No renewal fees. No time limit.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or money back

Get BOTH Formats Instantly:

  • Online—Instant scoring, review, and reporting.
  • Printable eBook (PDF)—instant download.

Order or Try Now

  • To order: https://www.tests.com/nce-national-counselor-practice-exam
  • Free sample: https://www.tests.com/practice/NCE-practice-exam
Dr. Arthur's Study Materials for the NCMHCE and NCE

Dr. Arthur's Study Materials for the NCMHCE and NCE

Visit: counselorexams.com or call 888-326-9229.

NCMHCE: Arthur-Brende Scenario Simulator

  • Free sample: counselorexams.com/ncmhce/scenarios/1 (No registration required)
  • Phone consultation with co-author
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Multiple package sizes to fit every budget
  • 36 tutorial scenarios
  • 10 practice exam scenarios
  • Virtual flashcards
  • NCMHCE Study Supplement available in eBook and/or hard copy includes:
    • Overview of DSM-5 disorders
    • Strategies for taking exam and study suggestions
    • Techniques and application
    • Therapy terms
    • Instrumentation
    • Assessments/diagnoses
    • Treatments

'Without Dr. Arthur’s course and materials, there was no way that I would have passed one of the most important exams of my career. The sheer variety of practice scenarios and information gives you all that you need to get a real feel for how the NCMHCE is presented and the info that you need to know to pass.”
- Cyrus N.

NCE: Dr. Arthur's Study Guide for the NCE
  • Contains important CACREP Information
  • 1,100+ questions
  • Pre-assessment and practice exams with answers
  • Optional – Two additional online practice exams
  • Virtual flashcards
  • Phone consultation with author
  • Money-back guarantee

Publisher: Career Training Concepts, Inc.
[email protected]

Dr. Linton's DSM-5 Online Study Programs - CounselingExam.com
  • DSM-5 Comprehensive Review
  • 100+ Simulations
  • Diagnostic Alerts
  • Instructional Narrative Process
  • Instructional Pick It Apart
  • Learning Activities
  • Step by Step Video Strategies
  • Group, Supervision, Service Delivery
  • Unlimited Access 24/7
  • Assessment Tools
  • Flash Cards
  • Case Dissection
  • Secrets to Passing
  • Medical Rule Out
  • Theories and Techniques
  • Audio/Video Materials

Try our FREE simulations and receive emails for a week at CounselingExam.com

Available: 600 page review of the NCMHCE DSM-5 in eBook and Paperback formats

Diane Jordan Lcpc Ncc Mac Lac Home Page

A complete set of CDs covering the NCMHCE DSM-5 is available on the site

Visit: www.CounselingExam.com or Call: (407) 463-4113 for more information

  • Comprehensive Test Data Banks
  • Covers all CACREP Areas
  • Case Studies
  • Missed Question Bank
  • Instructional Narrative Process
  • Missed Question Bank
  • Learning Activities
  • Over 5000 Questions
  • Full Length Diagnostic Exams
  • Matching
  • Progress Reports
  • Flash Cards
  • Video Strategies
  • Audio/Video Materials

Take our practice exams for FREE and receive emails for a week

Available: 630 page review of the NCE DSM-5 in eBook and Paperback formats

A complete set of CD's covering the NCE DSM-5 is available on the site


Visit: www.NationalCounselingExam.com or Call: (407) 463-4113 for more information

Includes DSM 5 and ACA Ethics!

All of Dr. Rosenthal's materials are lively, easy-to-understand, and actually make exam prep enjoyable.

* New 2017 Encyclopedia of Counseling, The Authentic Purple Book, 4th Edition.The best Encyclopedia ever with nearly 100 pages more than the previous edition. A publishers' bestseller. Reads like a novel, imparts information like a post-graduate text. Loaded with memory devices. 762 pages includes 1100 tutorial questions/answers/new better than ever Super Review Boot Camp.

* 20 Audio CD Listen and Learn Vital Information and Review program turns a traffic jam or day at the beach into a world class learning experience. Totally different than the Encyclopedia. Upbeat presentations with alternative explanations covers all exam areas. Includes a test anxiety prevention CD, a last minute super review boot camp CD, and hundreds of practice questions. Informative and extremely entertaining.

Diane Jordan Lcpc, Ncc, Mac, Lachome

* Human Services Dictionary. A one-of-a-kind resource provides definitions purposely worded to help you tackle tough exam questions.

* Membership in Dr. Rosenthal's exclusive Inner Circle. Receive information and updates that might appear in future Rosenthal materials.


Dr. Rosenthal's best Valedictorian Mastery Tool Kit can be purchased for under $185. Includes a risk reversal, better than money back pass guarantee. Perfect for the NCC, CPCE, oral and written boards and counseling comps.

Go to: www.howardrosenthal.com

Mometrix Test Preparation Study Guides and Flashcards

Our NCE and NCMHCE study guides and flashcards help you prepare to pass your test. Our NCE and NCMHCE products have already helped thousands of students pass these exams. Some of our successful customers let us know they appreciated our:

  • Current, updated information
  • Convenient, organized format
  • Full-length practice tests
  • Informative answer explanations
  • Useful study techniques
  • Affordable pricing

NCE Products

  • NCE Study Guide ($49.99)
    • -Includes review video links
    • -eBook version available
  • NCE Flashcards ($39.99)

Both products include access to our 200-question practice test with answer explanations.

NCMHCE Products

  • NCMHCE Study Guide ($49.99)
    • -Includes review video links
    • -eBook version available
  • NCMHCE Flashcards ($49.99)

Both products include access to our 10 practice simulations with answer explanations.

Order directly from us and receive our No-Risk One-Year 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Website: www.mometrix.com

Phone: 1-800-673-8175

3827 Phelan #179, Beaumont, TX 77707

Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences (AATBS)

AATBS specializes in preparation for mental health licensure examinations and continuing education.

We offer licensing exam prep packages, study tools, and workshops for the NCE and NCMHCE.

What’s included in a Study Package?

  • Comprehensive Study Volumes
  • Exam Readiness Audio Lectures
  • Online mock exams (CasePRO and TestMASTER)
  • One-on-One Coaching with an Exam Expert
  • Additional add-ons: Workshops, flashcards, and more!

Every Package comes with our exclusive Pass Guarantee!

Since 1976, AATBS has successfully prepared thousands of candidates for the counseling licensing exam. Let us help you with your career goals!

Try us, completely free! Get started at www.aatbs.com

Discover the new Clinical Mental Health Counselor Handbook & Study Guide, 3rd edition, for the NCMHCE licensing exam.

Authored by Licensed Mental Health Counselors for all professional clinical counselors. A premier program since 1995, PTI’s package includes:

Diane Jordan Lcpc Ncc Mac Lac Homes

    • 12 content review chapters covering ALL NCMHCE content domains.
    • Examples in each chapter analyzing how content is used on the NCMHCE.
    • Test-taking section that analyzes case simulations and builds critical skills for the exam format, applying diagnostic, treatment planning, and professional practice skills.
  • Online practice simulations (ExamAce) that realistically simulate the NCMHCE experience.
    • Reports that identify your specific content area strengths and weaknesses.
    • Explanations for all answer choices.
  • 450 Flashcards that include DSM-5 diagnoses, evidence-based treatment planning, and all NCMHCE content domains, keyed to Study Guide chapters.
  • Additional Innovative Study Aids:
    • Crossword Puzzles
    • Key Word Concepts
    • 10 Steps to Diagnosis
    • 11-Step Case Analysis Model
    • Study Plans and Time Management Forms

Order your comprehensive PTI Package TODAY. CALL 1-888-201-1619.

Advertise Your Preparation Guide

If you’d like to advertise your examination preparation materials to national applicants or state licensure candidates, submit a completed Examination Preparation Guide Advertising packet.

Diane Jordan Lcpc Ncc Mac Lac Homes For Sale


The National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) does not endorse or uphold any claims made by vendors of study materials listed above. No enhanced performance on any NBCC examination is expressed or implied for individuals purchasing or using any of the study materials listed above. NBCC does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided by study material advertisers.

Diane Jordan Lcpc Ncc Mac Lac Homepage

If you are someone seeking a letter, please contact a provider in your state. During this time of COVID, telemedicine is the norm so you may want to reach out to providers who are in your state but not in your general vicinity.

Updated 12.03.2020

Provider Full Name, CredentialsCityStateOnline sessions for residents in your state?
Tavaria JacksonBirminghamAlabamaYes
Dena M. Omar, LCSWTucsonArizonaYes
Erica Meadow, LACTucsonArizonaYes
Kimberly M. Thomas, MSW, LMSW, LSWTucsonArizonaYes
Courtney Frierson, LCSW, RYT-200Little RockArkansasYes
Julia Simone Fogelson, LCSW #93643AlbanyCaliforniaYes
Ryan Karnoski, California Associate Social Worker #92124AlbanyCaliforniaYes
Dylan McClure, LCSWArcataCaliforniaYes
Rick Allen Hobbs, LMFTBakersfieldCaliforniaYes
Jessica Treat, MFT 84022BeniciaCaliforniaYes
Audrey Vera, LMFTBerkeleyCaliforniaYes
Daniel Blumrosen, MA, LMFTBerkeleyCaliforniaYes
Ilana Barakat, PhDBerkeleyCaliforniaYes
Jadelynn St Dre, LMFTBerkeleyCaliforniaYes
Stephanie Luz Hernandez, LMFTBerkeley, CACaliforniaYes
Jamie Trachtenberg, LCSWCathedral CityCaliforniaYes
Philip Baker, MA, AMFTConcordCaliforniaYes
Kimberly Alston-Stepnitz, PsyDDavisCaliforniaYes
Mariana BarreraEscondidoCaliforniaYes
Concepcion Leona Sousa MSW, PPSC Registered CSW ASW67955EurekaCaliforniaNo
ronica reyes mftfresnoCaliforniaYes
Briana Shewan, LMFT #108767Fully onlineCaliforniaYes
Vera Fleischer, MA, LMFTFully onlineCaliforniaYes
Angie NguyenGarden groveCaliforniaYes
Marlene Klarborg Larsen, M.S., LMFTLong BeachCaliforniaYes
Monica Provence, MA LMFTLong BeachCaliforniaYes
Sara Stanizai, LMFTLong BeachCaliforniaYes
The Mind Hive Group PracticeLong BeachCaliforniaYes
Alexa Brand, MS, AMFT (she/her)Los AngelesCaliforniaYes
Alo Johnston, LMFTLos AngelesCaliforniaYes
Angelynn Hermes, LCSWLos AngelesCaliforniaYes
Calista Termini, AMFTLos AngelesCaliforniaYes
Stephanie Adams Mendez, PhD, NCSP, PSY#31678Los AngelesCaliforniaYes
Bex Durant, LCSWLos AngelesCaliforniaYes
Erica Folinsky LCSWLos AngelesCaliforniaYes
Alex Rivera, PsyDLos GatosCaliforniaNo
JS Very, LMFTMendocinoCaliforniaYes
Nicole Rennix, M.A., LMFT #114057NapaCaliforniaYes
Amina Elfiki, Registered Associate MFT #103090OaklandCaliforniaNo
Bard Adler LMFTOaklandCaliforniaNo
Conrad Wenzel, LCSWOaklandCaliforniaYes
Courtney Watson, LMFT, CSTOaklandCaliforniaYes
Dana Aleshire, LMFTOaklandCaliforniaNo
Danny Schnittman, Associate MFT #110127OaklandCaliforniaYes
Eric A. Samuels, Psy.D.OaklandCaliforniaYes
Hez Wollin, LCSWOaklandCaliforniaYes
Jessie Rose CohenOaklandCaliforniaYes
Jonathan Julian, MA, AMFTOaklandCaliforniaNo
Makisha MaierOaklandCaliforniaYes
Raia Kogan LMFTOaklandCaliforniaYes
Sand Chang, PhDOaklandCaliforniaYes
Shawna J. Sodersten, LMFT #50803OaklandCaliforniaYes
Jay Williams, LCSWOaklandCaliforniaYes
Juliana Ybarra, PsyDOaklandCaliforniaNo
Morty Diamond LCSWOaklandCaliforniaNo
Janney MadarrisOxnardCaliforniaYes
Traci W. Lowenthal, Psy.D.RedlandsCaliforniaYes
Cassy Friedrich, MDSacramentoCaliforniaNo
Katelyn Shields MFTSacramentoCaliforniaYes
David Nylund, LCSW, PhDSacramentoCaliforniaYes
Rachel Bennett AMFTSacramentoCaliforniaYes
Trisha D. Wallis, PsyD, LCSWSacramento, CACaliforniaYes
H. Bixby Marino-Kibbee, LCSWSan DiegoCaliforniaNo
Van Ethan Levy LMFT 118131San DiegoCaliforniaYes
Amber Cady, MFTSan FranciscoCaliforniaYes
Barton Shulman, LPCC, LPC, NCCSan FranciscoCaliforniaYes
Hannah Roberts, PsyDSan Luis ObispoCaliforniaYes
Jay Bettergarcia, Ph.D. (Licensed psychologist)San Luis ObispoCaliforniaYes
Ben Geilhufe, LPCCSanta CruzCaliforniaYes
Harper Cheaney, LMFTSanta CruzCaliforniaYes
River Ornellas, M.A., AMFTSanta CruzCaliforniaYes
Finn Gratton, LMFT, LPCCSanta Cruz & Mt. ViewCaliforniaNo
Katherine M. Zwick, LPCC #3334Santa Cruz & OaklandCaliforniaYes
Leah K Barison, LPCCSanta MonicaCaliforniaYes
Kylo JacksonSouthGateCaliforniaYes
Aydin Olson-Kennedy, LCSW 82313Studio CityCaliforniaYes
Jessica M. Bernacki, PhDThousand OaksCaliforniaYes
Christine MacInnis, LMFT #46382TorranceCaliforniaYes
R. B/T Craig, LPCC CA Lic. #4505UkiahCaliforniaYes
Laura Compton, MSN, PMHNP-BCVallejoCaliforniaYes
Dahkotahv Beckham, MFTTVenturaCaliforniaYes
Alice Turner, MDWalnut CreekCaliforniaNo
Micah Rea, LMFTWalnut CreekCaliforniaYes
Patti Dengler MS, LMFT 34610Westlake VillageCaliforniaYes
Lyndsey Lyons, LPCBoulderColoradoNo
Grace Ballard, MA, LPC, CSTDenverColoradoYes
Jessie R Read, MS, LPCCDenverColoradoYes
Will R. Logan, LCSW (they/them)DenverColoradoNo
Mary Sanchez MA, LPCGrand JunctionColoradoNo
Heather Crate, LCSWLongmontColoradoYes
AJ Eckert, DO, Medical DirectorHamdenConnecticutYes
Sarah Gilbert, LCSWManchesterConnecticutYes
Emily Rizzo, LCPC/LPCWashington DCDistrict of ColumbiaYes
Lucas DeMonte, M.Ed./Ed.S. (in process of LPC licensure in IL as I am moving here in summer)Gainesville, moving to Dekalb, ILFloridaYes
Rebekah Bell, LMHCJacksonvilleFloridaYes
Shelley Anderson, MS, Registered Mental Health Counselor InternJacksonvilleFloridaYes
Abbie Rolf, MA (they/them), Registered Mental Health Counselor InternLargoFloridaNo
Trey Matthew MirkowskiOrange ParkFloridaYes
Jamie Gunning, MS, LMFTOrlandoFloridaYes
Christina McGrath Fair, PhD, LMHCPalm CityFloridaYes
Kelly R Minter, MA, Registered Mental Health Counseling InternSt AugustineFloridaYes
Cynthia Jackson Mulit, Ph.D., LAC, NCC, BC-TMHStatewide OnlineFloridaYes
Shannon Corda, LCSWAthensGeorgiaYes
Kate S. Woods, Licensed Professional CounselorAthensGeorgiaYes
Nick Fuentes, MS LPC, LMHC, CST, CPCS, NCC, CCMHC (he/him/none)AtlantaGeorgiaYes
Anneliese Singh, PhD, LPCAtlantaGeorgiaYes
Amanda Dutton, LPCOakwoodGeorgiaYes
Kimberly Hinrichs, LCSWBoise, IDIdahoNo
Maxwell Dusky, LPCMeridianIdahoYes
Brenda Burris, LCSWNampaIdahoYes
Joseph Neil Ragan, M.D.PocatelloIdahoNo
MaryAnn Dolezal, LPCArlington HeightsIllinoisYes
Ashley Molin, PsyDChicagoIllinoisNo
Jazz McGinnis, LCSWChicagoIllinoisYes
Matthew Vail, LCSWChicagoIllinoisNo
Megan Salisbury, LCSWChicagoIllinoisYes
Melisa B Bailey, PsyDChicagoIllinoisNo
Tori Vazquez, LCSWChicagoIllinoisYes
Edith Morris, LPC, ATRChicagoIllinoisNo
Ing Swenson, LCSW, CRADCChicagoIllinoisNo
Matthew Lonski, MS Ed., LPC, NCCNapervilleIllinoisYes
Garrett Pluhar-Schaeffer, LCSWPark RidgeIllinoisYes
Ann Diamond, Psy.D.Saint CharlesIllinoisNo
Kelsey Hug, LCSWGreenwoodIndianaYes
Rebecca Waletich LCSWGreenwoodIndianaYes
Richard Brandon-Friedman, PhD, LCSW, LCACIndianapolisIndianaYes
Sara Hutson MSW, LCSW, CSAYCIndianapolisIndianaYes
Scott Fieker, LMHC, LPCDavenportIowaYes
Quinn Eggesiecker-Mack, LPC ( MO & KS)Kansas CityKansasYes
Melinda Ledlow, LCPC, LPC, NCCtelevideo onlyKansasYes
Rachael Lastoff, LMHC, LPC, LPCCNewportKentuckyYes
Jennifer StephensShelbyvilleKentuckyYes
Shannon E. Smith, LPC, NCCBaton RougeLouisianaYes
Heidi Breaux, LCSWNew OrleansLouisianaNo
Halen Earle, LCPC-CLewistonMaineYes
Ayla Badell Westgate, Licensed Clinical Professional CounselorBaltimoreMarylandYes
Bethany Henderson, LCSW-CBaltimoreMarylandYes
Ryan Heemann, LCPCBaltimoreMarylandNo
Adrien Leacy, LCSW-CBaltimore / Ellicott CityMarylandYes
Heidi Marine , LCSW-CColumbiaMarylandNo
Sean Lare, LCSW-CColumbiaMarylandYes
Amanda M. Jones, Ph.D.Columbia, MDMarylandYes
Emma Batting LMSWFrederickMarylandYes
Kate MacShane, LCSW-CFrederickMarylandYes
Katelin Fullerton, LMSWFrederickMarylandYes
Miles George LGPCLuthervilleMarylandYes
Antoinette LamcasterOxon HillMarylandNo
Stacey Jackson-Roberts, LCSW-CSilver SpringMarylandYes
Jess Barraca, LCSW-C, CSTTeleVideo Sessions OnlyMarylandYes
Lauren Beaudoin-Colegrove, LICSWAuburnMassachusettsYes
Julia Ozog, LMHCBostonMassachusettsYes
Rachael Lastoff, LMHC, LPC, LPCCBostonMassachusettsYes
Taiany Goulart, LMHCBostonMassachusettsYes
Robin Slavin, LMHCChicopeeMassachusettsYes
Rebecca Minor, LICSWConcordMassachusettsYes
MINA DA COSTA CONCEICAOLexingtonMassachusettsYes
Lisa Dube, LICSWNewburyportMassachusettsYes
Chelsea M. Dann, LICSWNorthamptonMassachusettsYes
Sophia Zucker, LICSWNorthamptonMassachusettsYes
Carla R. Rosinski, LMHC, CSTSalemMassachusettsYes
Anna C. Stern, LICSWSomervilleMassachusettsYes
Sue Dilsworth, PhDAllendaleMichiganYes
Andrea M Bezaire, MS, LLPAnn ArborMichiganYes
Katherine Huttenlocher, MA, LLPCAnn ArborMichiganYes
Cosette Weaver, LMSWEaton RapidsMichiganNo
Jae A. Puckett, Ph.D.LansingMichiganYes
Edges Wellness CenterMinneapolisMinnesotaYes
Quinn Eggesiecker-Mack, LPC (MO & KS)Kansas CityMissouriYes
Elyse Vesser, LMSWSt. LouisMissouriYes
Anna Louise Peterson, Ed.D., LCPCMissoulaMontanaNo
Deborah Florence Rubin, LCSWMissoulaMontanaYes
Jocelyn K Sloan, MS, LMHPLincolnNebraskaNo
Dr. Bernadette Hinojos, Psy.DRenoNevadaNo
Deborah Horton, MSW LICSWConcordNew HampshireYes
Harvey Feldman, LCMHCConcordNew HampshireYes
Samantha Smith LCSWBloomfieldNew JerseyYes
Rachel M Perlman MA,LPC, ACS, NCC, NCPC, NCCEMAnasquanNew JerseyYes
Salima SabrNewarkNew JerseyYes
Cynthia Mulit, Ph.D., LAC, NCC, BC-TMHStatewide OnlineNew JerseyYes
Ivy Anna RizzoAlbuquerqueNew MexicoYes
Megan Davis, MA, LPCCAlbuquerqueNew MexicoYes
Molly Adler, LCSW, CST: Licensed Clinical Social Worker and AASECT Certified Sex TherapistAlbuquerqueNew MexicoYes
NIc L. Sedillo, LPCCAlbuquerqueNew MexicoYes
Nandi Baldwin, LPCCAlbuquerqueNew MexicoYes
Elizabeth Lykins, LMHC, ATR-PEspanolaNew MexicoYes
Stefanie Juliano, MS, LPCCRio RanchoNew MexicoYes
Rainbow Access Initiative IncAlbanyNew YorkYes
Choices Counseling and ConsultingAlbany NY 12206New YorkYes
Aiden Jay Kaplan, LMSWBellmoreNew YorkNo
Lauren McCarthy, LMSWBellmoreNew YorkYes
Maria Demauro, LMSWBellmoreNew YorkYes
Lyla Denburg, LMSWBrooklynNew YorkYes
Sam Hipschman, LCSWBrooklynNew YorkYes
Haley Weissman, LCSWBrooklynNew YorkYes
Charles Thompson-Shealy, LCSWKingstonNew YorkNo
Haley Weissman, LCSWNew YorkNew YorkYes
Kelsey G Reeder, LCSWNew YorkNew YorkYes
Renee Reopell LCSWNew YorkNew YorkYes
Stephanie Maria Peña, LMSWNew YorkNew YorkYes
The Gender & Sexuality Therapy CenterNew YorkNew YorkYes
Emma Forbes-Jones PhDRochesterNew YorkYes
Klara Natalia Granger LCSWSchenectadyNew YorkYes
Amy Baracks, LCSWStone RidgeNew YorkYes
Megan McRae, PsyDWatertownNew YorkNo
Sara Hagen, PMHNP-BCApexNorth CarolinaYes
Jordan Grob, LCSW, LCASAshevilleNorth CarolinaYes
Rachael Lastoff, LMHC, LPC, LPCCAshevilleNorth CarolinaYes
Lisa R Carbone MS, LCMHC, LCASCaryNorth CarolinaYes
Drew NiederbergerCharlotteNorth CarolinaYes
Adam Tannenbaum, LCSWADurhamNorth CarolinaYes
Ashley Parks, LCSWADurhamNorth CarolinaNo
Cassie Hamrick, MAAT, LCMHCDurhamNorth CarolinaNo
Julie M. Austen, PhD, LP, HSP-PDurhamNorth CarolinaYes
Lauren Dawood, LCMHC, NCCDurhamNorth CarolinaYes
Megan Hamilton, LCMHC, ATRDurhamNorth CarolinaYes
Jan Tate, LCSW, MEd, CSOTPMebaneNorth CarolinaYes
Dakia A Davis, LCSWRaleighNorth CarolinaYes
Jennifer Glassmire-Policari, Psy.D., HSP-PRaleighNorth CarolinaYes
Julie Heustis MSW LCSWRaleighNorth CarolinaYes
Jack Register, LCSW, LCAS, CCS, SAP, CSOTP, BC-TMHState wideNorth CarolinaYes
Meghan M. Anderson, LISWCincinnatiOhioYes
Rachael Lastoff, LMHC, LPC, LPCCCincinnatiOhioYes
Sydney King, MS, LPCCColumbusOhioYes
Sydney King, MS, LPCCColumbusOhioYes
Taylor Stewart, LISW-SColumbusOhioNo
Sarah Newcomer, MS IMFTColumbusOhioYes
Melissa Foster LISW-SDublinOhioNo
Lisa Pepera M.Ed., LPCC-SFairview ParkOhioYes
Kira Hayes, MFT-TGranvilleOhioNo
Kelsey Hall, MSW, LSWNewarkOhioNo
Kurstie Bevelhymer-Rangel, MSW, LSWWestervilleOhioNo
Samantha Willi, LPCC-SWestlakeOhioYes
Melissa (Lisa) Frey, Ph.D.NormanOklahomaYes
Frannie Pryor, MSW, LCSW, LADCOklahoma CityOklahomaYes
Jaime Larson, PsyDBeavertonOregonNo
Dmitri Dosamantes, LMFTMilwaukieOregonYes
Nicole Craig MA, LPC, CADCIMilwaukie, PortlandOregonNo
Adrien Wolmark Ph.D.PortlandOregonNo
Alexandra Moskovich, MA LPCIPortlandOregonYes
D Lydia Seright, LMFT, MACPortlandOregonYes
Isaiah Bartlett, LCSWPortlandOregonYes
Nicole T Prophet, Licensed Professional Counselor internPortlandOregonYes
Rosanne Marmor, LCSWPortlandOregonNo
Shannon Batts, M.S., LMFT (CA), LPC (OR)PortlandOregonYes
Stacy Sheffler, LPCPortlandOregonNo
Justin CruthersAltoonaPennsylvaniaYes
Beth A. Herman MA, NCC, LPC, ACHTDoylestownPennsylvaniaYes
Shanna M Williams, LCSW, MEdDrexel HillPennsylvaniaNo
Megan Duerring LPCEastonPennsylvaniaYes
Jason Holloway MAMerion StationPennsylvaniaNo
Jennifer Rozell-Whitaker LPC, ATR-BCMonroevillePennsylvaniaYes
Anemone Schlotterbeck, LSWPhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaYes
Shay Selden, PsyD, MEdPhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaYes
Sonya Lott PHD Counseling Psychology Licensed Psychologist PA #PS006143LPhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaYes
Amy M Shaitelman, LPC, MS, NCC, CAGSPhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaYes
Erin Hipple, LCSWPhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaYes
Michael Accardo, PhDState College, PAPennsylvaniaNo
Jessica Barraca, LCSW, LCSW-C, CSTWaynesboroPennsylvaniaYes
Melinda Ledlow, LPC, LCPC, NCCAikenSouth CarolinaYes
Elizabeth Ledlow, LISW-CPGreenvilleSouth CarolinaYes
Vida Khavar, LMFTKnoxvilleTennesseeYes
Daniel Dumont, LCSWNashvilleTennesseeYes
Cassidy Laminack LPC-I, LMFT-AAustinTexasYes
Jennifer Gamewell, M.Ed, LPCAustinTexasYes
Miranda Mei Nadeau, PhD, Licensed PsychologistAustinTexasYes
Renee K. Randazzo, M.S., LPCAustinTexasYes
Vanessa Gallagher, MAHS, LPC-SAustinTexasYes
Diketra WrightFort WorthTexasNo
Lori Griffin , LCSWLive OakTexasNo
Dr. Neli Morris, PhD, LMFT-ALubbockTexasYes
Andrea Davis LPC-S, ATR-BCRichardsonTexasYes
Ashley Taylor, MA, LPCRound RockTexasYes
Sarah Hernandez MD, MBA, board-certified psychiatristSan AntonioTexasNo
Finley Losch, M.A.BurlingtonVermontYes
Elliott Buelter, LICSWHyde ParkVermontYes
Jane C. Probst, LCSW, CTSTCulpeperVirginiaYes
Victoria Burgess Holroyd, PhD, LMHC, LPC, CCMHCNorfolk & WilliamsburgVirginiaYes
Shawn Rubin, PsyDViennaVirginiaYes
Meagan Narvaez, LMHCAll of Washington/Telehealth OnlyWashingtonYes
Constance Guy, MS, LMHC, CMHSArlingtonWashingtonYes
Cheryl Enstad, MSW, LICSWBellinghamWashingtonYes
Miles GrantBlack DiamondWashingtonYes
Miles GrantBlack DiamondWashingtonYes
Alyssa kiyoko wallaceBremertonWashingtonYes
Arthur kiyoko wallaceBremertonWashingtonYes
Danielle Baird, MSW, LICSWDuvallWashingtonYes
Karyn Wittmeyer, LMHC-AKentWashingtonYes
Fennec Oak, MA, LMHCA, MHPOlympiaWashingtonYes
Lea Finnell Townsend, MA, LMHCOlympiaWashingtonNo
Sarah Peace MA LMHCOlympiaWashingtonYes
Kristin Roberts, LMHCRentonWashingtonYes
Susan Keene, LMHCSeaTacWashingtonYes
A. Blair Hill, LICSW LMHCSeattleWashingtonYes
Anthony Rella, MA, LMHCSeattleWashingtonYes
Breona Mendoza, LMHCSeattleWashingtonNo
Christina Malecka, MA LMHCSeattleWashingtonNo
Colleen Thompson, LMHCSeattleWashingtonNo
Crystal Beal, MDSeattleWashingtonYes
Dov Wills, LMHCSeattleWashingtonYes
Dr. Patrick C. Martin, PsyD, MA, MACP, LMHCSeattleWashingtonYes
Jennifer Gess, Ph.D., LMHC, LCPCSeattleWashingtonYes
Jennifer Jacyszyn, MA, LMHCSeattleWashingtonYes
Jillian Sky-Tucker, MA, LMHCSeattleWashingtonYes
Joanna Darsey-Moss, LMHCASeattleWashingtonNo
Lacie Braun, MACP, LMHCSeattleWashingtonYes
Laura Kramer LMHCSeattleWashingtonYes
Matthew Wolfe, MA, LMHC, MHPSeattleWashingtonNo
Mia Fine, MS, LMFT, CSTSeattleWashingtonYes
Pakalana Lokahi Li-Sun, LMHCSeattleWashingtonYes
Stacey Nagle, LMHCSeattleWashingtonYes
horizon greene, LICSWSeattleWashingtonYes
Selin Caka, MA, LMFTSeattleWashingtonNo
shannon solieSeattleWashingtonYes
Shannon Solie, MA LMHCSeattleWashingtonYes
Mirit Markowitz MS, LMHCShorelineWashingtonYes
Mackenzie Dunham, LICSW, CMHSVancouverWashingtonYes
Rachel Czajka, LICSWMorgantownWest VirginiaYes
Gette LevyBellevilleWisconsinNo
Sydney Borden, LPC-IT, NCCMilwaukeeWisconsinYes