Dead Zedgaming Potatoes


Dead Zed 2 has upgraded itself into a much harder version than its predecessor. While Dead Zed 2 had already made a name for itself as a unique zombie shoot em up game, there’s more to the Dead Zed universe than just shooting zombies. It is about the day and night sequence where you clear and repair houses, create search parties, keep morale. By adding potato seeds to the menu, he apparently made the mistake that took him down. After July 30th, his physical condition went to hell, and three weeks later he was dead.

PotatoesPotatoesThe zombies are attacking your village. You have to survive for at least forty days in the village, defending yourself from waves of blood-thirsty zombies. You have powerful rifle that works best when you shoot at zombies’ heads. You can also find and organize survivors to look out for new weapon upgrades in empty houses and other stuff. Realistic, 3D-like graphics and horror theme make Dead Zed a must play for all horror fans!

Dead Zed Gaming Potatoes Chips

Game Controls: Mouse – Aim. Left Mouse Butotn – Shoot. R – Reload gun.
1, 2 – Switch weapons. F – Switch fire mode. M – Mute game