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In celebration of SEGA’s 60th Anniversary, enjoy 50% off the in-game premium unlock from December 4 – 11! Hey hey, come on over and have some fun with Crazy Taxi, SEGA's ground-breaking, open-world driving game. Play for free and earn craaaazy money! Barrel through traffic packed streets, hurdle off parking garages, and crazy combo your way to crazy money in a wild frantic.

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Macintosh, Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One
  1. Crazy Taxi is an arcade-like racer where the player takes the role of a taxi driver who weaves his way through crowded streets, across sidewalks, and even underwater, in a wild and frantic race to deliver passengers on time. The courses are largely set inside cities crowded with general traffic.
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  3. It’s like Grand Theft Auto 3’s taxi missions on crack. True to its name, Crazy Taxi is all about delivering customers to their destination with the maximum amount of stunts and reckless driving along the way. The challenge is that you have to get all of your fares to destinations on time, driving as quickly but crazily as.

Crazy Taxi&& Try The Games Game

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Crazy Taxi&& Try The Games -

In this action game, players drive a taxi through a city, pick up passengers, and take them to their destinations within a time limit. As players race to their next fare, additional money can be earned by performing 'near misses' with other vehicles, often while driving against the flow of traffic. Taxis can also collide with other vehicles, resulting in realistic crashing sound effects but no visible damage. When players swerve into the path of pedestrians, the characters will scream and dive out of the way. During the course of the game, passengers and drivers sometimes use the words 'a*s,' 'damn,' and 'hell.'