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Contact MAC Builders & Design, Inc. Business Inquires - Product Information - Job Quotes - Career Opportunities 76 Wyalusing New Albany Road, New Albany, PA 18833. We do custom designs for any apparel. We can do single or bulk orders. Quick turn around. My name is Kimberly MacDonald. I have a wonderful husband named Preston and I have two dogs, Zeus and Harley! I started painting canvas art a few years ago. Contacts is a staple part of most Mac users' docks, and its premise is simple: the virtual address book holds together all your contact information for you to review and add to at any time. All of these skills combined with Mac's tireless work ethic make him a force in the design world.' – Andrew Ignatow, Founder& CEO at The Connected Nest 'Art x Love’s work to make Akron an increasingly vibrant place is appreciated by our state and local communities.

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Featuring a wide range of oxygen permeabilities, excellent wettability and high stability has made the Optimum range of gas permeable (GP) materials one of the most popular choices on the market. Optimum is FDA-approved for a broad range of indications and contact lens modalities. Its stability and balanced properties make it ideally suited for a range of lens designs, including toric, multifocal, keratoconus and scleral.

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Optimum comes in five Dk ranges, giving laboratories the ability to recommend the ideal lens design and improve performance.

Introducing Optimum Infinite, the newest addition to the Optimum range that exceeds convention. With a unique combination of oxygen permeability (180Dk) and flexural modulus (1341MPa), you can change the possibilities. Find out more.

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Features and benefits

  • Excellent surface wettability
  • Full range of oxygen permeability
  • High degree of stability and reproducibility
  • Wide application to a variety of modalities and indications
  • Clinical data on file
  • FDA approved

Optimum technical information


Material characteristics

PropertyOptimum ClassicOptimum ComfortOptimum ExtraOptimum Extreme
ClassificationFocon III 2Focon III 4Focon III 4Focon III 5
USANRoflufocon ARoflufocon CRoflufocon DRoflufocon E
Oxygen permeability (ISO) @ 35°C (barrers) 2665100125
Refractive index1.4501.4371.4311.432
Hardness (Shore D)83797577
Specific gravity1.
Contactmac Designs

Manufacturing consumables

  • Low melt wax
  • Water soluble wax
  • Contapol 3 polishing compound
  • Microfiber polishing cloth
  • Silk polishing cloth
  • Delrin polishing cups
  • Delrin polishing sponge
  • Delrin drum polishing sponge
  • Contasolve de-blocking solution
  • Roller sponges


  • Laboratory lens handler
  • Double soft lens mailers
  • RGP double mailers
  • Large RGP double mailers
  • Plastic tamper evident RGP vial
  • Double opticase plastic RGP vial
  • OptimumRGP trial set
  • Lens remover
  • DMV RGP lens remover
  • DMV scleral lens removers
  • Lens catch mat

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Driven by the values of authenticity and excellence, MAC Designs, a unit of MAC International (an established furniture export house) is an interior design firm that has been adorning living spaces for more than two decades. The company specialises in designing interior of homes, offices and commercial places on turnkey basis.
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Interior design, like fashion, is an art we live our lives in.

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Interior Designing is an art and a process where creativity is eminent at every step. We at MAC Designs offer exemplary services to give your desires and needs a concrete shape that is artistically enhanced to deliver value, quality and functionality.