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If there’s one thing even the latest generation of E ink displays isn’t good at, it’s comic good reading. On the other hand, Android smartphones and tablets, with their large, vivid, high-resolution displays, are a match made in heaven for comic books. That is, if you use one of the 9 comic book reader apps presented in this article. The best comic app supports all standard comic book file formats as well as a number of convenient features, all of which try to make your reading experience as pleasant as possible.

Best Comic Book Reader Apps for Your Android Device

CBR Reader About. CBR Reader is a free.cbr file reader, the CBR is a very popular comic book archive format, this program can help you to easily open and view these comic book files, it also supports other similar comic format files, such as.cbz,.cb7,.cbt and.cba files. Aug 14, 2017 Comic books as a medium seem tailor-made for tablets, even if the timeline doesn’t precisely add up. But there are a surprising amount of comic reading applications meant for old-fashioned desktop machines, too. This stuff comes in handy for gadgets that blur the lines, like the Microsoft Surface, or for someone who’s amassed a large collection of DRM-free comic book files. Supports ZIP, CBZ, CBR and RAR files. Easy display and quick navigation. Adjusts margins; Rating: 4.7 / 5.0. Click here to download. It is yet another all-inclusive comic reader app. Opens pdf, text and image files along with the CBZ format. The app provides customization with fonts, font-size, margins, padding, and line- spacing. Download Comics Book Reader and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎The BEST application for reading cbz, cbr, cb7 and cbt comics. All formats are thoroughly elaborated and are 100% supported by the application. As an open-source, free and lightweight comic reader, MComix is very suitable to open.cbr files with its simple interface which has been designed to support sequential images very well. Some of the other formats supported by the application are PDF, LHA, CBT, CB7 and CBZ.

1) Marvel Comics

Avengers: End Game is out, and for some, it reinvigorated the love for the Marvel Universe. That said, fans are wondering just where they can catch up on the backstory, and read more about their favorite characters. Buying physical comic books is one way, but that can get pricey quick.

That’s why we love the Marvel Comics app — the digital comic book app that you can download for Android. Sign up for a Marvel account in the app, and you’ll get access to tons of free downloads, as well as content that you can purchase and download directly to your device.

You’ll have access to over 13,500 comics featuring the world’s most popular super heroes.

Download it now: here

2) DC Comics

There are two types of comic book reader apps for your Android devices: one type gives you access to publishers, and the other helps you read comic books downloaded from other sources. The DC Comics apps belongs to the former category. With this app, you get instant access to the catalogue of one of the largest English-language publishers of comics in the world, DC Entertainment. Some of the most popular DC characters include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, Harley Quinn, Joker, and many, many others.

Thanks to the unique Guided View reading feature, the app works equally well on smartphones and large tablets. Your entire comic book collection is seamlessly synchronized across all devices, and since everything comes directly from the publisher, there’s no need to worry about quality. It doesn’t matter if you’re just dipping your toes in the astonishing world of comic books or if you know every issue of Superman by heart—DC Comics has something to offer to anyone.

Download it now: here

3) Astonishing Comic Reader

Astonishing Comic Reader is one of the youngest comic book reader apps that you can find on Play Store, but it’s also one of the best. The developers of this elegant app had set out to create a modern comic book reader that would run across multiple platforms and support a long list of useful features, and they succeeded in every way.

With Astonishing Comic Reader, you can read all CBR, CBZ, as well as PDF comics, organize them in collections, download comic books directly from your favorite cloud storage provider, and synchronized your reading progress so you always know where you left off.

Download it now: here

4) Perfect Viewer


Perfect Viewer is an old-school Android app through and through. It was clearly designed by someone who values functionality over style and polish. As such, it can do virtually everything you could ever want and probably much more. It supports all common file archive, comic book, eBook, and image file formats. It can open files from remote storage devices, supports five view modes, handles right-to-left reading, and even works with Google Chromecast. Just don’t expect it to be pretty or intuitive—the app is here to get the job done, not win beauty pageants.

Download it now: here

5) ComicScreen


ComicScreen is a simple app with a very high rating of 4.7 stars. Its purpose is to help users easily see images compressed as ZIP, RAR, CBZ, or CBR archives. This covers 99% of comic books out there. Some of the app’s more advanced features include SMB and FTP support, smooth image scrolling, automatic page resort, and support for hardware keys.

Download it now: here

6) ComiCat

All previous comic book reader apps presented in this article approached comic book reading in their own ways, and our last app is no exception. ComiCat is the most versatile Android comic reader and catalog manager. It supports all popular comic book file formats, handles PDF files with ease, arranges comic books in a nice virtual shelf, supports cloud storage devices, parental control, password protection, and much more. It has been developed exclusively for Android and optimized for maximum speed and efficiency.

Download it now: here

7) Crunchyroll Manga

If you’re looking for manga, which is essentially Japanese comics with an anime style, Crunchyroll Manga is a great choice. That is because Crunchyroll is one of the premier brands as far as manga content goes. As such, it is a subscription-based app; however, you can create a free account, which gives you access to a bunch of free manga and anime. A subscription will, however, provide you with unlimited access to your favorite manga content, as well as upcoming and new releases.

Download it now: here

8) CDisplayEx Comic Reader

Coming up as number one on our countdown, we have the CDisplayEx Comic Reader. This one isn’t designed for comic book discovery, but is for uploading your comic books to. It acts as a Comic Book Reader, supporting cbr file, .cbz, .pdf, etc, file formats. We really like this one, because it has an excellent interface that makes it easy to read comic books. There aren’t many “reader” apps out that make it easy to read comic books, but this one does.

CDisplayEx allows you to simply browse through your folders to find and read your comics. However, it also has its own library management system, if you’d prefer to use that. Just indicate where your comics are located on the device, and the reader will group the comics by series or offer you the next album to read in your collection.

Download it now: here

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9) MangaZone

One of the “cons” to the Crunchyroll Manga app is that the UI is difficult to navigate. That said, we think MangaZone is another great option for those looking for Manga content. It’s actually keep you quite busy, as it features over 15,000 manga titles that have been translated over to English. Suffice to say, there’s an endless amount of content available for consumption. This one is all free of charge, but it is ad supported.

Verdict On The Best Comic App

As you can see, there’s plenty of excellent comic book and manga readers alike. No matter your style of comic, there is an app on here for you.

What is your favorite comic book reader for Android? Let us know in the comments section below, and you may actually see it on our list in the future!

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CBR (comic book reader) or CBZ files need special apps or software to be displayed on different devices. Here we chose some of the greatest comic book reader apps and programs for a variety of mobile and desktop devices.

– Android

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‘Perfect Viewer’ is the ideal choice for those just want to open CBR files on their Android tablets or cellphones without needing an integrated comic e-books store. Users are allowed to open JPEG, GIF and PDF files as well. Also installing the source plugin will enable them to open e-comic files from Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive.

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Cbr Reader Ios

And for comic fans with insatiable need for new titles regularly, we recommend ‘Marvel Unlimited’ app. The app itself is free but the subscription plans let users to be able to read more than 17,000 digital comics made by Marvel.

Users could also try these apps from Google Play for opening and reading comic file formats:

  • Comic Chameleon (free)
  • ComicRack (free)
  • Challenger Comics Viewer (free)
  • Comics by Comixology (free)

– iOS

There are tens of cool and great CBR apps for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. Many of these apps come with lots of useful features beyond just opening and displaying CBR and CBZ files.

‘Comics Plus’ is one of these great apps. The app makes an excellent job at displaying comics on an iPad or iPhone. However, many users might find some of its options overcomplicated. Comics Plus provides cool features such as assisted panning, manga mode and turning page without losing the adjusted zoom.

Other great apps for reading comics on iPhone or iPad include:

  • ComicFlow (free)
  • Comic Reader! ($3.99)
  • SideBooks (free)
  • iComics ($1.99)
  • YACReader ($1.99)
  • Comic Zeal ($4.99)

These iOS apps could be downloaded from Apple iTunes Store.

– Kindle

Kindle tablets (such as Kindle Fire or Kindle Paperwhite) are very popular these days. Other than reading books, they’re used for watching movies, listening to music, checking out Facebook page, etc. But reading comics could get this tablet even more useful.

For comics files, there are several apps for Kindle tablet. The best one is ‘Perfect Viewer’ ($2.99), especially for those with lots of comic books to read. Other features provided by Perfect Viewer app is adjusting saturation/hue, adjusting image contrast & brightness, cutting off white border, and more.

Another great app for Kindle is ‘ComiCat’ ($2.99). Using this app it’s very easy to open and read Manga on Kindle devices.

But if looking for a free Kindle app, Comics by comiXology is the recommended choice which is provided for free through Amazon website.

Cbr Reader App Mac Sale New England

These comic book reading apps for Kindle could be downloaded from Amazon Appstore.

– Comic book reader software for desktop

MComix (Win & Linux)

Based on the Comix project, Mcomix is a CBR program updated with stability improvements, bug fixes and a few new tricks. And all these are at a time when it has been a few years with no new development from Comix.

As an open-source, free and lightweight comic reader, MComix is very suitable to open .cbr files with its simple interface which has been designed to support sequential images very well. Some of the other formats supported by the application are PDF, LHA, CBT, CB7 and CBZ.

To install and run this reader software, a number of programs and libraries are necessary. These include Setuputils, PIL (Python Imaging Library) version 1.1.5 or above, GTK+ and PyGTK (version 2.14 or higher) and Python 2.5. Windows users could get all the software requirements from the all-in-one package made available from the download page.

Also please note that rar/unrar needs to be installed on the Linux system so that RAR/CBR archives could be opened by the software.

Users could download Mcomix from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mcomix/files/latest/download

SimpleComic (Mac OS X)

If you want an easy to use, lightweight and easy to install app to open comic books on Mac OS X then choose SimpleComic. The software is free and open-source. Comics could be viewed both as full-screen and windowed in the reader.

Other features include: text notes, translation notes, compatible with most archive formats for comic books, supporting 7z, RAR and ZIP archives, page capture, auto-save, quicklook, multiple sessions, page rotation, page scaling, page ordering, and more.

Users could download SimpleComic CBR reader for Mac from http://dancingtortoise.com/simplecomic