Brand New User Dashboard Released!

Designing an effective dashboard can be challenging. You need strong knowledge of how that dashboard will be used, and who will be using it. For most sales team, the dashboard should be designed to be as clean as possible. It’s important to be focused on what the team needs from the dashboard, and not overload folks with too much data. If you are a U.S. Brand using Seller Central, you may have noticed a new feature. Amazon launched the Brand Dashboard and announced the new tool in an April edition of the Seller Newsletter. Some brands also received personal email notifications. “The Brand Dashboard contains actionable insights on how your ASINs and brands are performing on. Eligible users are users that either: Have a Band that is covered under its Limited Warranty; OR. Are Active Users. An Active User is defined as a user who has worn the Band on their wrist and completed a data sync from the Band to the Health Dashboard between 12/1/2018 and 3/1/2019. All eligible users will receive an email with refund. Enter your email address to sign in or create an account. What's SportsEngine?

Documentation resources to help you with the Qualys Cloud Platform and its integrated Cloud Apps.

Cloud Platform

  • Platform Guides
  • Consulting Edition
  • Scan Authentication
    • Get system and account requirements for supported technologies below.
    • A10: setup guide (pdf)
    • Apache Web Server Record: online help
    • Checkpoint Firewall Record: online help
    • Cisco Record: online help
    • Docker Record: online help
    • HTTP Record: online help
    • IBM DB2 Record: online help setup guide (zip)
    • IBM VIOS: setup guide (pdf)
    • IBM WebSphere App Server Record: online help
    • InformixDB Record: online help
    • Jboss Server Record: online help
    • MariaDB Record: online help
    • MongoDB Record: online help setup guide (pdf)
    • MS Exchange Server Record: online help config guide (pdf)
    • MS IIS Record: online help
    • MS SQL Server Record: online help v2000 setup (pdf) v2005-2019 setup (pdf)
    • MySQL Record: help setup guide (zip)
    • NetScaler: setup guide (pdf)
    • Oracle Record: online help setup for PC (zip) setup for VM (zip)
    • Oracle Listener Record: online help
    • Oracle WebLogic Server Record: online help
    • Palo Alto Networks Firewall Record: online help
    • PostgreSQL Record: online help setup guide (zip)
    • SNMP Record: online help
    • Sybase Record: online help setup guide (zip)
    • Tomcat Server Record: online help
    • Unix Record: online help setup guide (pdf)
    • vCenter Record: online help
    • VMware Record: online help setup guide (pdf)
    • Windows Record: online help Windows setup (pdf) Windows UAC setup (pdf)
  • Password Vaults
    • Azure Key Vault: online help
    • BeyondTrust PBPS Vault: online help
    • CA Access Control Vault: online help
    • CyberArk AIM Vault: online help integration guide (pdf)
    • CyberArk PIM Suite Vault: online help
    • HashiCorp Vault: online help
    • Hitachi ID PAM Vault: online help
    • Lieberman ERPM Vault: online help
    • Quest Vault: online help
    • Thycotic Secret Server Vault: online help
    • Wallix AdminBastion Vault: online help
  • Integrations
    • Qualys CMDB Sync App: v1.1 v2.1.1

Developer APIs

  • APIs
    • Release Notes include API release details.

Brand New User Dashboard Released User


  • Cloud Agents
  • Scanner Appliance
    • (QGSA-5120-A1): User Guide Quick Start
    • (QGSA-4120-A1): User Guide Quick Start
    • Cloud Platforms: AWS Azure GCE OpenStack OCI Alibaba
  • Network Passive Sensor

Brand New User Dashboard Released 2020

Cloud Apps

IT Asset Management

  • Global IT Asset InventoryAssetView
    • API User Guide: HTML PDF
    CMDB SyncCertificate Inventory

IT Security

  • VMDRVulnerability Management
    • Qualys API (VM/PC): PDF HTML
    Threat ProtectionContinuous MonitoringPatch ManagementEndpoint Detection and ResponseCertificate Assessment

Cloud/Container Security

Brand New User Dashboard Released Date

  • Cloud Inventory
    • API User Guide: HTML PDF
    Cloud Security Assessment
    • API User Guide: HTML PDF
    Container Security
    • API User Guide: HTML PDF

Brand New User Dashboard Released Iphone

Web Application Security

  • Web Application Scanning
    • API User Guide: HTML PDF
    Web Application Firewall


  • Policy Compliance
    • Qualys API (VM/PC): PDF HTML
    Security Configuration AssessmentPCI ComplianceFile Integrity MonitoringSecurity Assessment Questionnaire
    • API User Guide: HTML PDF
    Out-of-Band Configuration Assessment


  • Unified DashboardAdministration