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  • In writing a grant that describes a program, you, the writer, are actually telling a story you want readers to believe. To do so, you need to make it as complete as possible. Journalists know that an effective lead paragraph in a news story tells the reader who, what, where, when, why, and how (together, the six are usually referred to as 5Ws and H) as quickly and concisely as possible.
  • In this blog post, I will point out some of the main reasons why you should start your own blog. I really hope that the list below will encourage you enough to take action. If you have been weighing up the reasons to start blogging but are coming up short for answers, tis post is a good place to start.
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First year journalism students learn about the five Ws (Who, What, Where, When and Why). Although you may have no intention of becoming a professional journalist, if you're going to write original, great articles for your blog, then using the Five Ws is a smart habit to get into. The last thing you want a reader to do is to walk away from your blog post scratching his head and wondering why you didn't completely cover the topic.

Writing my first blog post have felt like a burden for the last 2 months.
I wanted to skip this awkward moment of having to introduce myself on my own blog into the World Wide Web.
Do I have to do it?” I kept thinking. Can’t I just appear from nowhere and just be done with it?
Would writing some titles after my name really clue people into who I really am? For an introvert by nature, it felt too formal and fake.


I love to think that you can know a person by learning what they are passionate about, what they spend their day doing, where they spend their energy, where their attention goes when they have free time, what their mind consumes on a daily basis, and what they put out into the world.
So for now, I will skip the part where I introduce myself. As “who I am” will be revealed naturally on this blog. However, I know that I should at least mention why I have created this blog. It makes sense to do so.

why should anyone create a blog?

Seth Godin is the best at explaining why:

Everyone should blog, even if it’s not under their own name, every single day. If you are in public, making predictions and noticing things, your life gets better, because you will find a discipline that can’t help but benefit you.
If you want to do it in a diary, that’s fine, but the problem with diaries is because they’re private you can start hiding. Are you able, every day, to say one thing that’s new that you can stand behind?

If you know you have to write a blog post tomorrow, something in writing, something that will be around 6 months from now, about something in the world, you will start looking for something in the world to write about. You will seek to notice something interesting and to say something creative about it. Well, isn’t that all we’re looking for? The best practice of generously sharing what you notice about the world is exactly the antidote for your fear.

Commit to articulating your point of view on one relevant issue, one news story, one personnel issue. Every day. Online or off, doesn’t matter. Share your taste and your perspective with someone who needs to hear it. Speak up. Not just tomorrow, but every day.

Blogging.. who what when where why meme


Gary Vaynerchuck answers why:

Blogging.. Who What When Where Why Meme


But there is one enormous advantage to having a personal website that you can control. And that is the very fact that you control it. That personal website will be impervious to any changes on other platforms. No more organic reach on Facebook? No problem. Your website is a platform you control and you decide the content output. That is valuable.

Convinced enough, I did it. I purchased my domain (big moment there!), and on that same day I posted the image below on my Facebook page.

Why? Because I wanted friends & family to know, so when they ask about it, they will be my reminder and inspiration to go through with it.
And boy they did! They were really intrigued of what this blog would be about, when it will be ready, plus they really encouraged and supported me, making me feel more responsible to deliver what I said I would.
So back to the main question:


Blogging.. Who What When Where Why Picture

-To document the journey I am going through creatively, professionally, spiritually, and physically. As I consider myself still at the beginning of a lifetime journey, I want to have digital time capsules of myself at various stages in the journey to go back to when I am at a point in the future connecting the dots backwards.
I want to be able to monitor my progress and milestones, to document my thinking and decision making process, what my values, goals and dreams were, what inspired and challenged me and the lessons I learned through the way.

-To hold myself accountable in front of whoever reads it, to pursue my passions, achieve my goals, and stay on track with my priorities.

Blogging.. Who What When Where Why How To

-Hoping I can inspire some of you to take one step ahead into pursuing a passion of yours, embracing a new habit, taking a new chance.

I won’t preach it, I will show it.

Blogging.. who what when where why how to