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– It seems like you need to know how to type in order to do much of anything these days, and it’s easy to feel like you’ve been left in the dust if you don’t know how. Typing has become an important part of our lives, as most modern-day jobs comprise of using a computer and when you are using a computer, you need to be able to type quick and fast. So, to let your fingers do the talking, here are the

Learn how to touch type by following typing lessons, test your wpm typing speed and accuracy as you learn touch typing, or practice 10 key with fun typing. Most of the best typing software and typewriting training programs to practice touch typing and practice typing on the keyboard are available on the internet with specific subscription fees. Download Cool Typing Tutor It is a free typing software that helps its users to learn typing and helps in making the users competent in the art of typing and improves his typing speed. Different types of lessons are being provided by the software for easy learning and daily practice. Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor has the reputation of being one of the best free typing software which helps typing enthusiasts acquire skills in touch type. It provides a solid course structure which makes it super easy for users to acquire skills in typing.

11 Best Free Typing Software. These appsare the gateway to help you earn more money and work more efficiently or even help you respond faster when you are chatting. best software to learn typing with proper technique and posture can also reduce the chance of incurring an error.Things can get a little slow and sometimes be embarrassing at work if you are a slow typer but it’s never too late to learn, isn’t it? Well, if that’s the case, we are here to help you out. We are listing the best typing tools available and that includes websites & software that teach you typing. Luckily, typing software is an easy, affordable way to learn how to touch-type from the comfort of your home.Contents
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  • Keyblaze Typing Tutor Software
  • Rapid Typing
  • E-Learning for Kids Keyboarding Skills
  • All The Right Type
  • Typing Instructor Platinum
  • GS Typing Tutor
  • UltraKey
  • Typesy
  • Typing Master
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  • Best Typing Software

    Learning how to touch-type quickly and accurately can reap a wide variety of benefits. Mastering typing can help you communicate faster online and be more technologically adept. These programs are packed with colors, games and cartoon pals to make learning to type more fun. Adults can also use them to have a little fun while they learn. So, now that we have established a few things about typing techniques, let’s get down to business. There are a number of great typing tools available and it’s tough to choose among them but we have done it for you and here are the best ones.

    Typing Trainer

    Typing Trainer is one of the best typing software that helps you learn to type faster. With Typing Trainer you will be able to enjoy various typing exercises that are going to help you improve your typing skills. This is excellent typing software for beginners that allow you to start at the level you feel comfortable with.That way you don’t waste time at a typing level you’re already good at. The typing software has different categories that go from Beginner to Advanced, and you can also repeat the lesson if you feel you need more practice.You also get a performance report as each lesson with information such as Words per Minute, Accuracy Percentage, and Timeout. You can edit this info and have the report show things like Words per Second, Characters per Minute, Characters per Seconds and more.

    Keyblaze Typing Tutor Software

    With Key blaze Typing Tutor SoftwareBest Free Typing Lessons Downloads you can choose between 20 lessons built in or you can create your lessons. Enjoy proven educational typing instruction technique that also includes ergonomics. You can make a choice between hundreds of typing exercises, lessons, challenges, and tests.READ ALSO10 Best Money Earning Apps in Android to Earn money from AppsIt also features Standard or split keyboard and even keypad. Choose whatever best fits your needs. It also has 30 arcade and action-packed, typing games that will make typing a lot more fun. I can’t forget about the multi-play and multi-level games the software also has to offer. You can also practice typing via dictation, drills, and over 250 magazine articles.

    Rapid Typing

    Rapid Typing has been known for its various typing applications, games and online tools but it’s the Rapid Typing software that is the best. When you start using Rapid Typing for the first time, it lets you configure your keyboard on your language, the number of keys and platform. You can also choose to learn either one hand or two hand touch typing. There are detailed separate lessons for basic typing, shift keys, digit keys and numeric keys. Also, there are various courses like the beginner, experienced, advanced and testing.The software supports 24 languages including English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Belgian and more. Along with the Rapid Typing software, there’s a Rapid Typing Portable version, which does not require any install at all and you can take it on a USB stick to use anywhere on the go. The great news is Rapid Typing is free and it’s compatible with most of the major platforms.

    E-Learning for Kids Keyboarding Skills

    E-Learning for Kids Keyboarding Skills is an interactive typing tutor where your child can participate in the Type-E-Chi Virtual Typing Tournament. In this tournament, your child will earn medals and trophies as they move through the Bronze, Gold, and Silver areas all while learning to type. The Type-E-Chi Tournament contains 10 interactive typing games that can be unlocked by moving through each of the different areas. If your child successfully completes all of the arenas and games, they will win a certificate and become a Type-E-Chi Grandmaster. A words-per-minute goal can be set for each lesson, and most lessons include a radio player at the bottom to encourage a rhythmic pattern while typing. also includes a series of 5 typing games to make learning to type more exciting for children.You May Also Like:-10 Best Free Photo Editing Software

    All The Right Type

    All The Right Type is yet best software to learn typing. It offers your methods that have been tried and tested in classrooms all across The United States. You too can take advantage of those methods and learn realistic posture and finger positions that will help you type faster.All The Right Type brings you various web courses to learn touch typing and the makers claim that by using this software, you will “Learn how to type correctly in just a few hours using all your fingers.” The website supports 23 different keyboard layouts, various languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. If you are a beginner, there’s nothing to worry about as there are 27 step-by-step lessons on typing and if you are already a pro in typing, you can take a test to see how good you are.You May Also Like:-5 Best Alarm Clock Software for Windows

    Typing Instructor Platinum

    Typing Instructor Platinum is one of the most premium typing applications available for learning touch typing and it brings a lot of great features. There are more than 20 typing courses, high-quality typing games, custom courses and some very exciting typing activities. It also takes into consideration if you are a beginner or a professional just trying to enhance your skills. One of the best things is that the software gives you real-time feedback while you are taking a lesson.READ ALSO10 Best IPTV players for Windows PC Free to Use [2020 Updates]There are also some interactive multi-player games that you can play if you are confident enough and want to compete in some typing challenges with others. Typing Instructor also gives you certification if you complete a course.You May Also Like:-11 Best Video Editing Software for Windows

    GS Typing Tutor

    GS Typing Tutor is popular typing software that lets you learn touch typing with ease. First of all, it supports most of the major languages across the globe like English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Arabic, Norwegian and more. The software asks you at the beginning itself, whether you want to learn two handed or single handed typing.There are also different modes like Beginner for people who want to learn from scratch and Performance for people who are already well versed with typing but want to test their skills.The most notable features of the software include typing tests, statistics, special practice for specific issues, different types of courses and more.GS Typing Tutor comes with support for 24 keyboard layouts including QWERTY, Dvorak, Latin American, Swiss French & German and more. The software is available as the free trial. While the software’s official website does not mention support for Windows 10, we tested it on Windows 10 and it ran pretty smooth.You May Also Like:-10 Best Free Skype Alternatives


    UltraKey is typing software that many kids have mentioned as their favorite game. That doesn’t mean that it’s not one of the best typing software that adults can enjoy as well. You can set a personal goal, and the typing software will give you the necessary exercises so you can reach your goal. The software also provides you with adequate instructions by using graphic information, voice, and video. You will also like that it has remedial help when it finds a problem. The typing software program even praises you when it detects that you’re improving your typing skills. Take either one or five-minute typing tests and gets accurate results after.

    Best Free Typing Lessons Downloads Software

    The software also provides you with adequate instruction by using graphic information, voice, and video. You will also like that it has remedial help when it finds a problem. The program even praises you when it detects that you’re improving your typing skills. Take either one or five-minute typing tests and gets accurate results after.


    Typesy is an award winning best typing software that aims at helping you improve your typing skills. It offers you a personal coach that adapts to your unique needs. It will continuously monitor your progress, and the lessons you use will always be the ones that best fits the level you are currently in. You can choose between hundreds of scientifically designed tutorials and exercises. How to improve your typing skills – Best Free Typing Software – 10 Best Typing Software to Learn Typing Faster without Looking at KeysREAD ALSO10 Best Typing Software to Learn Typing like Pro In 2020If you don’t see an exercise you like, you can always create your own. The typing software will save everything in the cloud, and you also get unlimited installs on Windows, Linux, Mac and Chrome machines. Share your progress on Facebook, so everyone sees how good you’ve become.

    Best Free Typing Lessons Downloads Free

    Typing Master

    Typing Master has been consistently among the best typing software for quite some time now and it remains to be the same. The software supports US, Europe, Canadian French, Canadian Multilingual, Danish, French and Belgian keyboard layouts. The features of the application include different typing tests, custom reviews to fix specific difficulties, typing meter, and fun typing games. It also lets you choose whether you want you to want your speed to be displayed in words per minute (wpm) or keystrokes per minute (kpm).The software comes in a free version but the Premium version brings you professional drills, more courses, and unlimited typing meter, so you may as well get it.

    Typing Fingers – Best Typing Software

    Get better at typing by this most interactive touch typing softwareBest Free Typing Lessons Downloads that is every kid’s favourite. Well, there is a lot to learn from it for adults too. Typing fingers is the brainchild of Foriero Company that creates typing and music programs to impart typing and music education to people in a fun and innovative way.It’s a simple 3D touch typing program that lets you learn and memorize keys and have fun. There are typing tests. However, that will judge your typing skills at times. This modern-day typing tool has 32 levels in a total while you are assigned a test at the end of each level. Typing Fingers has the top-level UI that everyone enjoys while learning. It’s a time-saver, accuracy enhancer, and boosts your imagination.

    Available for – Windows, MAC, Android, iPhone

    Master Key

    Master Key’s best feature is the unique typing drills that it brings and they certainly make you learn quickly. There’s also a cool ParaTyper game along with support for teachers to sync their students, multi-class support, class editor, reports and more. There’s also an ability to create custom drills so that you can work on your weaknesses. The software supports French and German along with English.You can also print a certificate of mastery when you master a drill. The application offers free trial but the paid version brings you more drills and unlocks many features

    Available for – Windows & MAC

    Best Free Typing Lessons Downloads Download

    Wrap-up If you want to improve your typing skills, there are many best typing software programs to choose from. Some offer more than others, but the main goal is the same; to help you improve your typing.These Best Typing Software tools are totally free to use and by using them you will be typing like a pro in no time, and you’ll be responding a lot faster on social media. With typing programs, you can learn how to touch-type at any age. This important skill can save you time, help you communicate more effectively and increase your chances of getting hired at a wide variety of jobs. By ensuring the software you choose has the right combination of features, lesson pacing, and reporting, you can make your life easier and more successful. Which typing software do you think you are going to use? Let’s others know about it, and do share your experience with it. Drop me your say in the comments box below.

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