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Persona 2: Innocent Sin

Developer: Atlus
Publisher: Atlus
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Released in JP: April 14, 2011
Released in US: September 20, 2011
Released in EU: November 4, 2011

This game has unused graphics.
This game has unused sounds.
This game has debugging material.
This game has a hidden sound test.
This game has a hidden level select.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin is a remaster of the PSX version and the version people outside of Japan could finally play. However there was some censorship, mostly due to changes regarding the CERO ratings board in Japan between the remake's release.

To do:
  • Replace all the WAV files with OGG vorbis files.
  • Same as the PSX version, find the Devil Joker boss battle and record footage of this.
  • 1Debug Menu
  • 6Unused Text

Debug Menu

Like the PlayStation version, there's a debug menu that is invisible, but still works. This contains event viewers, dungeon viewers, sound tests and more.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Map Viewer

There's an option in the debug mode to view every dungeon in the game. However trying to view most maps crashes the game except for the DLC maps and one map from going down the river.

CPU & GPU Meter

Apply the below code to enable a debug CPU & GPU meter.

Test Rooms

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Please find an archived version of a video or a suitable replacement.

Unused Items

Battalion Nemesis

There's two unused items meant to have the entire party to absorb single physical or magical attack for one turn. It crashes the game attempting to use them.

Unused Graphics

A placeholder background image. The text translates to Black Background.

A temporary map icon for St. Hermelin High School. The text reads Erumin Gakuen (Temporary).

Battalion: Nemesisgamefort

Probably the strangest thing but there's a save and splash icon for the game called Big Bang Bang, a demo made by Sony a month before the PSP launched.

Unused Text

There's unused contact line text for the unused boss called Devil Joker in TM_EVE.BNP.

Battalion Nemesis 2

There's unused text for the CD shop lady in Giga Macho in CD_SHOP.BIN.

Contact Kanada Message

If using the debug mode to visit Trish healing fountain and attempting to leave, you'll get a message that was used for developers/game testers.

Regional Differences & PSP Censorship

  • The North American and European versions never got the dungeon creator and the DLC quests from the Japanese version, so they can only play two DLC quests that already come with the game itself.
  • Many text changes that aren't in the Japanese version.
  • Anna smoking a cigarette in Club Zodiac is removed in all versions of the PSP remaster for unknown reasons.
  • Direct mentions of homosexual nature are removed, although implications of these are not.
  • References to Nazis are all censored and renamed, this includes:
    • Hitler being renamed to Führer (which translates from German to 'leader'), he now wears a pair of sunglasses and his Nazi uniform is covered by a coat.
    • All Swastikas being removed and replaced with a different symbol.
    • Nazis are completely replaced in the game's script to just mention the Last Battalion organization.

Altough Atlus or the game's developers never commented on the reason, the most accurate speculation is that these changes were made both to prepare for a North American/European localization, as well as the CERO ratings board having a rule in which they prohibit the use of historical, real life people and organizations in fictional media.

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Advance Wars is one of the best strategy games out there. I really enjoyed playing through each of the series but have always found that there were several things that bothered me about the gameplay. Inspired by Advance Wars, I set out to build a turn-based strategy game that addressed those gameplay issues and Battalion: Nemesis is the result.

If you've played Advance Wars, you'll notice that Nemesis encourages riskier and more aggressive tactics. Many of the units have special bonuses for attacking and recovering from a successful assault is easier with the repair-anywhere system. Naval invasions are as easy as a few clicks, and the result is some really intense battles with the wide array of specialized units. Actions are quicker, mistakes are less painful, but having a solid tactical plan is still the key to success.

If you've never played Advance Wars, then you're missing out on some of the best turn based strategy goodness available. If you like Nemesis, you need to go to your local video game store and pick any of the Advance Wars games as they are required gaming for strategy fans.