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I installed the updated usb drivers and it made no difference for my mac. I installed them on my PC and I can connect.


Anycubic Kossel Driver For Mac Windows 7

Kossel Firmware, Drivers, Videos Contact us Request After-sale Service Shipping & Return After-sales Service Polices. Home / Anycubic 3D App Download. Insert TMC2208/2209 X tower stepper – steppera into the board (with 3-4 stock drivers for Y, Z, E) and use a cable and connect the driver between UART pin on your driver and D4 pin on your Trigorilla board Please check your UART pin, it depends on J2 pads and how they are soldered together.

The firmware is driving me bonkers and I'm sure it's in no small part to my inexperience. After I got computer/printer talking to each other I downloaded that firmware up above and loaded it as is. I changed nothing. The menu on the printer was quite a bit different after. I tried to do the bed leveling cycle and it was nothing like the original process. It ended with some sort of error msg about the sensor.

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  • Driver on MAC for Anycubic Kossel Plus. August 6, 2018, 9:01pm #1. How can I get the any cubic kossel plus driver to.

So I went straight to the anycubic website and tried to make sense of their firmware page. The latest firmware package that was an actual zip file was this....'Firmware for plus(20170712)', listed under 'AnycubicKossel'. I'm assuming that numbering system is year/month/day. The absolute latest is 'Firmware for plus(20171113)', listed under 'AnycubicKossel Auto leveling_V2', there also being a V1 with the same number of 20171113. These are not zip files but rather just hex files, and I have no idea how these are to be utilized.


I downloaded and installed 20170712, without changing anything at all, and it was even worse than the one up above I tried to use. The attempted bed leveling process measured a couple points, veered off the bed, and started crashing into stuff. Hit the power but quick.

As far as I know I've followed the procedure for installing new firmware, but I AM a complete newb at that. What I would like to find is a known functioning firmware package for the Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus with heatbed and auto leveling, that requires no changes, and clear instruction on how to install it because if I'm screwing something up I dont know what it is.

Or Plan B, how to copy the version that is installed on my second unassembled printer to the printer I'm dinkin with now. Plan C, just swap the boards and see what happens. :)

Anycubic Kossel Driver For Macbook Pro

I've checked all the connections re the heating element and thermistor. I assume the thermistor is functioning because it will reach and maintain the setpoint initially, but as the print goes on the temperature starts walking around. I will double-check. I did already swap the stepper driver and there was no change.

I'm almost tempted to start cannibalizing the 2nd printer. I could swap the board and the extruder stepper, but I'd at least like to try getting this board back to its factory state, or otherwise functional.