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Install the Google Chrome web browser on your Mac to access all the additional features Chrome adds to your machine. Get Tech Support 1-833-202-2695. The AirPod comes with a charging case that allows them to be charged wirelessly. How to Connect Apple AirPods to a Chromebook It is very important to note that before connecting the AirPods to a Chromebook, you should close any music or video apps on your iPhone or other Apple devices. Chrome 55 on Android reduces RAM usage by 50%. A major problem that's been weighing down on Google Chrome since the beginning of Android, is just how much this browser uses in terms of system resources. Although lately they've improved vastly as is shown in our recent benchmarks, there's still a long road ahead. I find Edge on Mac to actually be a very capable and FAST browser, faster than Chromium (the open source build) and Chrome. Edge is now my #2 browser behind Firefox (you can't beat FF for the huge library of add-ons).

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Devices and equipment

Airpod Apps For Mac Chrome Browser Settings


With StreamYard, most of the work happens on our computers, not yours. Your 5-year-oldlaptop, Chromebook, or desktop will all work just fine! But, if you’re serious aboutstreaming (and we hope you are!), we recommend investing in a high quality micand webcam. A pair of headphones is also a good idea – this will reduce the potentialfor echo if you are bringing on guests.

We are big fans of the following microphone and webcam:


Chrome, Firefox and Opera all work with StreamYard. Unfortunately,other browsers, like Safari, do not support our technology yet. We recommend Chrome for the best experience.


Streaming requires a lot of data, but your current ISP or 4G provider should work fine.We recommend that you hardwire (ethernet) to your router. WiFi will work, butnot as well.

AirPods by Apple are one of the coolest accessories that music lovers can own. Time Magazine has also featured them in their list of best inventions of 2016. Unlike traditional Bluetooth headphones, Airpods feature built-in microphones and other advanced sensors that enable automatic ear detection. In addition, one can conveniently pair the Airpods with an iPhone by just placing them next to the phone. However, the process is different when connecting Airpods with non-iOS devices such as Android smartphone or Chromebook. Let’s find out how you can pair Airpods with a Chromebook.

Pairing AirPods with a Chromebook

  1. Click on your profile picture at the bottom right corner of the desktop.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth.
  3. Make sure your Airpods are inside the case and charged.
  4. While the lid is open, press and hold the setup button located at the back of the Airpods case.
  5. A white LED will start blinking on the case, notifying that the Airpods are now discoverable.
  6. Move back to your Chromebook and find the Airpods listed under “Unpaired devices”.
  7. Click the Airpods in the list and wait for it to connect.

Once they’re paired, you will get a notification saying that Airpods has been paired and is now available to all users. That’s it! You have successfully connected the Airpods with your Chromebook. Make sure the Chromebook and Airpods are within 10 meters or 33 feet range to get the best connectivity.

Tip: Are you unable to hear any audio on Airpods while they’re connected to Chromebook via Bluetooth? In that case, try switching off the Bluetooth on your iPhone as Airpods might mistake it as the last connected device.

Unpairing Airpods from Chromebook

Follow the steps below in case you wish to disconnect the Airpods from Chromebook.

Airpod Apps For Mac Chrome Browser Chrome

  1. Open the Settings menu on Chromebook and select Bluetooth.
  2. Click the 3 dots next to the paired device, i.e. Airpods.
  3. Select Disconnect or Remove device.

Airpod Apps For Mac Chrome Browser Default

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Airpod Apps For Mac Chrome Browser Extension

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