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Description: Shoot the incoming minions of hell. Shoot them in the head to save bullets. Don't let them chop you!

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13 Days In Hell is a first person shooter with a retro look and you can play it online and for free on Silvergames.com. The devil sends zombies to earth. Armed with axes, they will try to haunt and kill you so be aware of your every move. 13 More Days in Hell: Hell is an unpleasant place. At least there are plenty of guns! Amazing 3D action; explore the tombs and stay alive, old friend! Free Zombie Games from AddictingGames.

Instructions: Mouse - Aim / Shoot. 1-5 / Mouse Wheel - Select Weapons. R - Spacebar - Reload..

Category: Killing Games
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13 Days In Hell Unblocked Games 66 At School

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